AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-04-14Add Mitaka releaseHEADmasterDaniel Izquierdo
2016-04-14Update JS library 16.01-16-g017aeb2quan
2016-01-19Update JS library 15.06-38-gcd52ae4quan
2016-01-14OpenStack community activity report Q4, 2015Daniel Izquierdo
2015-11-27Update JS library 15.06-30-ga336756quan
2015-10-15Merge "OpenStack community activity report Q3, 2015"Jenkins
2015-10-14Update projects hierarchy file. This allows to have the rest ofDaniel Izquierdo
2015-10-11OpenStack community activity report Q3, 2015Daniel Izquierdo
2015-07-23OpenStack community activity report Q2, 2015Daniel Izquierdo
2015-06-18Added search field feature.Alvaro del Castillo
2015-06-18Rename 'Tickets Participants' with 'Launchpad Participants'Luis Cañas Díaz
2015-05-20Update JS library and company panel to add top people by company.Luis Cañas Díaz
2015-05-07Enable Liberty release analysis in the dashboardDaniel Izquierdo
2015-04-13Fix error with timezone charts for SCM panelsLuis Cañas Díaz
2015-04-10OpenStack Community Activity Report Q1 2015Daniel Izquierdo
2015-04-09Add StoryBoard support to dashLuis Cañas Díaz
2015-03-18Updated dashboard Specs for testing. It allow us to track better all the info...albertinisg
2015-03-09Merge "Add NewAuthors metric to the dashboard"Jenkins
2015-02-26Add NewAuthors metric to the dashboardalbertinisg
2015-02-26Modified menu-elements.json to add support for kilo release dashboardalbertinisg
2015-02-16Add timezones charts to SCM and MLS pagesSantiago Dueñas
2015-02-11Add unanswered questions chart to Q&A forums pageSantiago Dueñas
2015-01-14Fix error in contributors panels with new JSLuis Cañas Díaz
2015-01-14Merge "Update to VizGrimoireJS e8a4818"Jenkins
2015-01-14Update to VizGrimoireJS e8a4818Luis Cañas Díaz
2015-01-14OpenStack Community Activity Report Q4 2014Daniel Izquierdo
2014-11-18Disable non-existent SCR contributors pageLuis Cañas Díaz
2014-11-03Update JS library to 7ac36efLuis Cañas Díaz
2014-10-30This report is produced quarterly to give Community ManagersDaniel Izquierdo
2014-10-12Fix merge conflict in commit with message:Daniel Izquierdo
2014-10-12Revert "Revert "Fix infinite list of repos list in scm-contributors""Daniel Izquierdo
2014-10-12Revert "Fix infinite list of repos list in scm-contributors"Daniel Izquierdo
2014-10-12Fix infinite list of repos list in scm-contributorsLuis Cañas Díaz
2014-10-11Merge "Improved layout for top 10 companies widget"Jenkins
2014-10-11Merge "Top 10 companies links list supports now newest format of scm-companie...Jenkins
2014-10-11Merge "Change the metrics shown in scr-companies.html"Jenkins
2014-10-11Improved layout for top 10 companies widgetLuis Cañas Díaz
2014-10-11Top 10 companies links list supports now newest format of scm-companies.jsonLuis Cañas Díaz
2014-10-08Merge "Enable OverallSummaryBlock section for release.html"Jenkins
2014-10-08Update JS library to 7c9795fLuis Cañas Díaz
2014-10-08Change the metrics shown in scr-companies.htmlLuis Cañas Díaz
2014-10-07Enable OverallSummaryBlock section for release.htmlLuis Cañas Díaz
2014-09-26Update Grimoire JavaScript libraryDaniel Izquierdo
2014-09-24Add Juno release supportDaniel Izquierdo
2014-09-17Add Grizzly as a release and remove old html filesDaniel Izquierdo
2014-08-29Upgrade dash to latest version with release supportLuis Cañas-Díaz
2014-06-06Prettified all remaining HTML filesChristian Berendt
2014-06-06Prettified all HTML filesChristian Berendt
2014-04-17Fix error with datasources.htmlLuis Cañas-Díaz
2014-04-16Merge "Add new footer and apply new CSS styles"Jenkins