AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-26Merge "Force interpreting to boolean in manage_config"Jenkins
2016-02-26Safely fail when logs cannot be foundYolanda Robla
2016-02-25Merge "Fix hiera paths when configuring puppet"Jenkins
2016-02-25Add extra path for our own puppet modules in environmentYolanda Robla
2016-02-25Force interpreting to boolean in manage_configYolanda Robla
2016-02-25Fix hiera paths when configuring puppetYolanda Robla
2016-02-25Merge "Fix deprecation warning"Jenkins
2016-02-25Merge "Conditionally manage puppet config files"Jenkins
2016-02-25Fix deprecation warningMonty Taylor
2016-02-24Merge "The default for logdest needs to not be a list"Jenkins
2016-02-24The default for logdest needs to not be a listMonty Taylor
2016-02-24Report as puppet_report_as instead of fqdnMonty Taylor
2016-02-24Stop posting non-facter factsMonty Taylor
2016-02-24Return useful error messages on requests exceptionMonty Taylor
2016-02-24Sync with upstream ansible-modules-extrasMonty Taylor
2016-02-24Merge "Make puppet logout destination configurable"Jenkins
2016-02-24Merge "Remove some problematic facts"Jenkins
2016-02-23Remove some problematic factsSpencer Krum
2016-02-23Ansible-puppet must create the reports dirSpencer Krum
2016-02-23Variables enter ansible modules as p['thing']Spencer Krum
2016-02-23Allow post_puppetdb to fail to post factsSpencer Krum
2016-02-23Store the facts payloadSpencer Krum
2016-02-10Remove dead codeSpencer Krum
2016-02-09Make puppet logout destination configurableMonty Taylor
2016-02-05Conditionally manage puppet config filesSpencer Krum
2016-01-22Fix typo in puppet apply commandJames E. Blair
2016-01-22Don't try to make a link before the directoryMonty Taylor
2016-01-21Log puppet to syslog instead of jsonJames E. Blair
2016-01-21Sync with upstream ansibleMonty Taylor
2016-01-19Properly suppress undefined warningMonty Taylor
2016-01-18Define defaults as defaults, not variablesMonty Taylor
2016-01-18module is a variable, not a name prefixMonty Taylor
2016-01-18Rename hieraenvironment to puppet_environmentMonty Taylor
2016-01-14Collapse redundant hieradata tasksMonty Taylor
2016-01-14Perform filepath checking in pythonMonty Taylor
2016-01-14Clean up codestyle in conditionalsMonty Taylor
2016-01-14Update to use blocks from ansible 2.0Monty Taylor
2016-01-14Add puppet module sync to the roleMonty Taylor
2015-12-01Add whitespace between tasks for better readabilityMonty Taylor
2015-12-01Clear up some issues with fqdm vs. hostnameMonty Taylor
2015-11-27Don't post facts if there are noneMonty Taylor
2015-11-27Don't use the timeout command if it's not thereMonty Taylor
2015-11-25The parameter is --server not -- serverMonty Taylor
2015-11-25Return stderr/stdout on changes tooMonty Taylor
2015-11-25Fetch puppet logs and facts after puppet runMonty Taylor
2015-11-25Introduce space in a very important placeMonty Taylor
2015-11-25Test for copy_hieradata being setMonty Taylor
2015-11-24Remove copy_hieradata value from vars fileMonty Taylor
2015-11-24Remove stray debug linesMonty Taylor
2015-11-24Restrict the file list to when copy_hieradataMonty Taylor