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2015-08-11Refactor css and font links to httpsHEADmasterMarton Kiss
2015-08-07Merge "Standalone maintenance page for ask.o.o migration"Jenkins
2015-08-07Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature/development' into merge-branchMarton Kiss
2015-08-06Standalone maintenance page for ask.o.o migrationMarton Kiss
2015-05-01css changes for language nav and dropdown menufeature/developmentEvgeny Fadeev
2015-04-24deleted unused fileEvgeny Fadeev
2015-04-24updated theme to match version 0.7.53Evgeny Fadeev
2015-04-23Add a .gitreview defaultbranch for developmentJeremy Stanley
2014-12-05Workflow documentation is now in infra-manualJeremy Stanley
2014-11-28Add bundler supportMarton Kiss
2014-09-17Merge "updated the moderation queue url"Jenkins
2014-09-17updated the moderation queue urlEvgeny Fadeev
2014-06-04Merge "fixed ask button on tags and other pages"Jenkins
2014-06-04fixed ask button on tags and other pagesEvgeny Fadeev
2014-02-12Rename Openstack to OpenStacktanlin
2014-02-05fixed css for the search drop menuEvgeny Fadeev
2014-01-21removed a broken line from the scriptEvgeny Fadeev
2014-01-20modified the launchpad answers importer scriptEvgeny Fadeev
2014-01-17made launchpad importer read and write data separatelyEvgeny Fadeev
2014-01-16added the launchpad importer codeEvgeny Fadeev
2014-01-16some css changesEvgeny Fadeev
2013-10-21fixed a bug of misused function callEvgeny Fadeev
2013-08-24added custom style for the Chinese localeEvgeny Fadeev
2013-08-24modified css for the en and zh-cn localesEvgeny Fadeev
2013-08-02a fix to the language switch menuEvgeny Fadeev
2013-07-25changed css for the language navEvgeny Fadeev
2013-07-19added maintenance state templateEvgeny Fadeev
2013-07-17Merge "accomodated mono and multilingual theme, small css change"Jenkins
2013-07-17Merge "fix to cancel search button css"Jenkins
2013-07-17Merge "added language navigation"Jenkins
2013-07-17accomodated mono and multilingual theme, small css changeEvgeny Fadeev
2013-07-17fix to cancel search button cssEvgeny Fadeev
2013-07-17added language navigationEvgeny Fadeev
2013-06-07Added link to bug reports in footerStefano Maffulli
2013-05-29Added CC license for content of the siteStefano Maffulli
2013-05-02link to site software's license and source repo in footerjeremyb
2013-05-02use canonical URLs for wiki linksjeremyb
2013-05-02Add Apache 2 license.James E. Blair
2013-03-26Add .gitreview file.James E. Blair
2013-03-20fixed a bugEvgeny Fadeev
2013-03-20hid the empty moderation items linkEvgeny Fadeev
2013-03-20hid empty items from the user menuEvgeny Fadeev
2013-03-20fixes in the user menu and the footerEvgeny Fadeev
2013-03-20tweaks on the question pageEvgeny Fadeev
2013-03-20finished the footer and fixed up the user navigationEvgeny Fadeev
2013-03-18converted extra.css to scssEvgeny Fadeev
2013-03-18minor changeEvgeny Fadeev
2013-03-18first pass on the openstack themeEvgeny Fadeev
2013-03-13my first commitEvgeny Fadeev
2013-03-05hardcoded launchpad loginEvgeny Fadeev