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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysAdd query for traits sync DBDeadlock bug 1738083HEADmasterMatt Riedemann
5 daysAdd query for Tempest test_delete_saving_image bug 1737634Matt Riedemann
9 daysMerge "Add query for cirros 0.3.5 kernel panic bug 1737039"Zuul
9 daysAdd query for cirros 0.3.5 kernel panic bug 1737039Matt Riedemann
9 daysAdd query for nova functional test bug 1736976Matt Riedemann
2017-12-01Add query for volume extend bug 1732199Matt Riedemann
2017-11-30Query for bug 1735586Clark Boylan
2017-11-01Add query for nova bug 1729371Matt Riedemann
2017-10-27Merge "Add support for Zuulv3-specific parameters in elastic-recheck"Zuul
2017-10-26Add support for Zuulv3-specific parameters in elastic-recheckDavid Moreau-Simard
2017-10-19Add query for 1724930Emilien Macchi
2017-10-10Add query for volume detach 400 bug 1722577Matt Riedemann
2017-10-05Re-add query for lvm create vol from snap bug 1642111Matthew Treinish
2017-09-22Add query for zuul cloning errorSean Dague
2017-09-19Add query for live migration invalid disk info bug 1718295Matt Riedemann
2017-09-14Query for 1717281Emilien Macchi
2017-09-12Add query for personality files test bug 1533487Matt Riedemann
2017-09-04Add query for bug 1715029Paul Belanger
2017-09-02Remove query for bug 1710605Paul Belanger
2017-09-01Add query for bug 1714586Paul Belanger
2017-09-01Add additional signature for RAX xvde partitioning issuesDavid Moreau-Simard
2017-08-29Add additional signature for xvde failuresDavid Moreau-Simard
2017-08-29Remove query for bug 1674681Paul Belanger
2017-08-29Add query for bug 1713832Paul Belanger
2017-08-25Add query for bug 1713167Paul Belanger
2017-08-25Merge "Track issues with invalid repo files, since baseurl is empty"Jenkins
2017-08-25elastic-recheck for clustercheck issuesJoe Talerico
2017-08-21Remove query 1469730Paul Belanger
2017-08-21Update queries/1708704.yaml to include non-votingPaul Belanger
2017-08-14Track issues with invalid repo files, since baseurl is emptyBogdan Dobrelya
2017-08-13Add query for bug 1710533Paul Belanger
2017-08-11Remove query for bug 1709739Matt Riedemann
2017-08-11Merge "Fix Generic job timeout bug match"Jenkins
2017-08-10Add query for cinder group update bug 1709739Matt Riedemann
2017-08-10Merge "Add query for rebuild timeout cellsv1 bug 1709985"Jenkins
2017-08-10Add query for rebuild timeout cellsv1 bug 1709985Matt Riedemann
2017-08-10Add query for same-host cellsv1 fail bug 1709946Matt Riedemann
2017-08-10Fix Generic job timeout bug matchBogdan Dobrelya
2017-08-09Add query for bug 1709744Paul Belanger
2017-08-08Add query for citcloud-lon1 slow nodes / n-cpu unavailableMatt Riedemann
2017-08-07Merge "Add ER query for bug #1663529"Jenkins
2017-08-07Merge "Remove query for bug 1638982"Jenkins
2017-08-07Merge "Remove query for bug 1284371"Jenkins
2017-08-07Merge "Remove query for bug 1531187"Jenkins
2017-08-07Merge "Remove query for bug 1701411"Jenkins
2017-08-07Merge "Remove query for bug 1643911"Jenkins
2017-08-07Merge "Remove query for bug 1697808"Jenkins
2017-08-05Add query for bug 1708832Paul Belanger
2017-08-04Remove query for bug 1638982Clark Boylan
2017-08-04Remove query for bug 1284371Clark Boylan