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2016-08-24highlight when integrated_gate data is out of dateSean Dague
2016-08-17Fix active page menu coloringElizabeth K. Joseph
2016-08-16Make everything pluralMatthew Treinish
2016-08-15Merge "Fix template links for split uncategorized"Jenkins
2016-08-15Fix template filenameMatthew Treinish
2016-08-11Fix template links for split uncategorizedMatthew Treinish
2016-08-08Fix the integrated gate filtering on uncategorizedMatthew Treinish
2016-03-09Add a cluster health indicator to the graph outputMatt Riedemann
2016-02-15Mark non-voting jobs in the graphMatt Riedemann
2015-12-22Correct typosSwapnil Kulkarni (coolsvap)
2015-11-05Filter non-voting jobs from the uncategorized bugs pageMatt Riedemann
2015-10-20Enable configurable uris in graph.pyRamy Asselin
2015-10-16Get json data from originating serviceRamy Asselin
2015-10-15Switch to kibana3 link generationClark Boylan
2015-06-11Hide jobs with no failuresJoe Gordon
2015-06-11Cleanup web codeJoe Gordon
2015-05-14Replace ci.o.o links with docs.o.o/infraJeremy Stanley
2015-04-30actually actually make window location workSean Dague
2015-04-29provide a more targetted location settingSean Dague
2015-04-29allow hash urls to work before page loadsSean Dague
2014-10-01Merge "Add Elasticsearch blog post link to web dashboard"Jenkins
2014-10-01fix stray bracket in the html, was missed first time aroundSean Dague
2014-09-29fix Launchpad link nameSean Dague
2014-09-29add links to specific bugsSean Dague
2014-09-29collapse graph area if there are no failsSean Dague
2014-09-29bring the sanity: convert to handlebars.jsSean Dague
2014-09-29update web pages to support additional date infoSean Dague
2014-09-27Add Elasticsearch blog post link to web dashboardElizabeth K. Joseph
2014-09-17Add docs for the uncategorized pageElizabeth K. Joseph
2014-09-17Merge "Add crm114 logstash queries to uncategorized page"Jenkins
2014-08-28Make list of open reviews boldJoe Gordon
2014-08-15Add crm114 logstash queries to uncategorized pagepcrews
2014-08-08Add open reviews to elastic-recheck status pageJoe Gordon
2014-07-15Make elastic-recheck web page mention 10 days not 14Joe Gordon
2014-06-06Add link to elastic-recheck docs to indexElizabeth Krumbach Joseph
2014-03-01Adds time-view filter to uncategorized pageAllison Randal
2014-02-10add uncategorized page into the tab navigationSean Dague
2014-02-10Fix alignment of tabsJames E. Blair
2014-02-10Merge "Add tab to only plot gate failures to status.o.o/elastic-recheck/"Jenkins
2014-01-30Remove extra '%' in uncategorized templateJoe Gordon
2014-01-30Add tab to only plot gate failures to status.o.o/elastic-recheck/Joe Gordon
2014-01-30Add the time at which this page was generatedDavanum Srinivas
2014-01-29it's actually 14 daysSean Dague
2014-01-27fix classification rateSean Dague
2014-01-27remove graphite graphs from these pagesSean Dague
2014-01-22Add per job classification rate to uncategorized.htmlJoe Gordon
2014-01-22Merge "put the fails24 in the right place"Jenkins
2014-01-22put the fails24 in the right placeSean Dague
2014-01-22Merge "update web ui for better sorting"Jenkins
2014-01-22update web ui for better sortingSean Dague