AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-28Merge "Prefer ipv6 for listen addrs if available"HEAD0.13.0masterZuul
2018-12-11Merge "Add support for keepalive to client"Zuul
2018-12-04Change openstack-dev to openstack-discussqingszhao
2018-10-19Prefer ipv6 for listen addrs if availableClark Boylan
2018-09-04Add support for keepalive to clientTobias Henkel
2018-04-16Add --listen-address flag to geard0.12.0Paul Belanger
2018-04-13Build universal wheelsPaul Belanger
2018-02-02Automatically send GRAB_JOB after CAN_DOJames E. Blair
2018-02-01Make workers admin command py3 safe0.11.1James E. Blair
2017-10-30server: make stats more efficient0.11.0James E. Blair
2017-10-09Merge "Add a send lock to the base Connection class"0.10.1Jenkins
2017-09-30Add a send lock to the base Connection classJames E. Blair
2017-09-13Server: support background jobs0.10.0James E. Blair
2017-05-18Fix exception setter0.9.1James E. Blair
2017-05-17Merge "Replace assertEquals with assertEqual"0.9.0Jenkins
2017-05-17Merge "Provide TextJob and TextWorker for convenience"Jenkins
2017-05-17Merge "Make assume utf-8."0.8.0Jenkins
2017-05-15Provide TextJob and TextWorker for convenienceClint Byrum
2017-03-01Uncap pbr dependencyPaul Belanger
2017-03-01Update hacking dependencyPaul Belanger
2016-11-22Replace assertEquals with assertEqualLuong Anh Tuan
2016-11-16Make assume utf-8.Clint Byrum
2016-11-08Merge "Ignore E129"Jenkins
2016-11-08Merge "Re-enable flake8"Jenkins
2016-11-08Ignore E129James E. Blair
2016-11-08Move py27 after py34 and py35Monty Taylor
2016-11-08Merge "Add py35 to tox.ini default envs"Jenkins
2016-11-08Re-enable flake8Monty Taylor
2016-10-03Add py35 to tox.ini default envsClint Byrum
2016-10-01Merge "Remove discover from test-requirements"Jenkins
2016-08-12Move other-requirements.txt to bindep.txtAndreas Jaeger
2016-07-22Remove discover from test-requirementsSwapnil Kulkarni (coolsvap)
2016-07-21Merge "Allow setting a timeout for Client.waitForServer()"0.7.0Jenkins
2016-07-21Merge "Handle SIGINT correctly in Client.waitForServer()"Jenkins
2016-07-18Add test for AdminRequest.isCompleteJames E. Blair
2016-07-17Parse admin requests 2880 times fasterJames E. Blair
2016-07-15Geard: Handle connections closed while sendingJames E. Blair
2016-07-12Merge "Support TCP keepalives in geard"Jenkins
2016-07-12Support TCP keepalives in geardSagi Shnaidman
2016-07-08List system dependencies for running common testsAndreas Jaeger
2016-06-08Do not encode the type (b) in the job name0.6.2Morgan Fainberg
2016-06-06Merge "Bump version requirement for pbr"0.6.1Jenkins
2016-06-02Merge "Remove vestigal hook entry from setup.cfg"0.6.0Jenkins
2016-06-02Merge "Remove py26 from tox.ini"Jenkins
2016-06-02Bump version requirement for pbrJan Kundrát
2016-06-02Merge "Switch to six for configparser"Jenkins
2016-06-02Remove vestigal hook entry from setup.cfgMonty Taylor
2016-06-02Remove py26 from tox.iniMonty Taylor
2016-06-02Switch to six for configparserPaul Belanger
2016-06-02Merge "Add a test for worker termination"Jenkins