AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-21Fix permission problem when finding buildsHEADmasterJan Hruban
2016-03-18Merge "Update to Jenkins LTS 1.625.3 and fix function registration"0.2.0Jenkins
2016-03-08Merge "Register the diff of functions"Jenkins
2016-03-08Register the diff of functionsClark Boylan
2016-01-25Merge "Use"Jenkins
2016-01-24Update to Jenkins LTS 1.625.3 and fix function registrationKhai Do
2016-01-05Remove broken scm sectionAndreas Jaeger
2016-01-05Use git.openstack.orgAndreas Jaeger
2015-10-16Merge "Script to easily build a package"Jenkins
2015-08-25Send node labels back on build completion0.1.3Timothy Chavez
2015-07-22Script to easily build a packageAntoine Musso
2015-07-01Fix deadlock from a WORK_FAIL event0.1.2Khai Do
2015-06-18Merge "Use TextParameterValue instead of String"Jenkins
2015-05-06Merge "Fix race between adding job and registering"Jenkins
2015-05-05Fix race between adding job and registeringClark Boylan
2015-05-05Stop sending status updatesJames E. Blair
2015-01-08Protect against partially initialized executer workersJames E. Blair
2014-12-05Workflow documentation is now in infra-manualJeremy Stanley
2014-11-13Switched documentation to point to storyboard.Michael Krotscheck
2014-10-21Fix job result not being sent back to gearman client0.1.1Khai Do
2014-10-15update to work with Jenkins LTS ver 1.565.30.1.0Khai Do
2014-07-02Use TextParameterValue instead of StringJames E. Blair
2014-06-20Fix project-node registration0.0.7James E. Blair
2013-11-24fix function registration.0.0.6Khai Do
2013-09-25Set a node offline even if there is an exception0.0.5James E. Blair
2013-09-16Always return WORK_COMPLETE when a build finishes regardless ofJames E. Blair
2013-08-16Don't wait for the worker thread to join0.0.4James E. Blair
2013-08-16remove restriction on slave to run single job at a timeKhai Do
2013-08-15Merge "moved python examples to jenkins wiki"Jenkins
2013-08-14Use more fine-grained synchronization in GearmanProxyJames E. Blair
2013-08-13Rework starting/stopping executorsJames E. Blair
2013-08-11moved python examples to jenkins wikiKhai Do
2013-08-06Add OFFLINE_NODE_WHEN_COMPLETE optionJames E. Blair
2013-07-18Merge "ignore non-deterministic build failure and log it."0.0.3Jenkins
2013-07-16Merge "Make logging more consistent"0.0.2Jenkins
2013-07-16ignore non-deterministic build failure and log it.zaro0508
2013-07-11Make logging more consistentJames E. Blair
2013-06-19setup version as a parameterzaro0508
2013-06-15Avoid holding locks on gewtHandles.James E. Blair
2013-06-14More deadlock fixes.James E. Blair
2013-06-14Send final packet immediately.James E. Blair
2013-06-14Use AbstractProject instead of Project in function factory.James E. Blair
2013-06-14Don't catch InterruptedException in the node monitor.James E. Blair
2013-06-14Report exceptions while running the job to the client.James E. Blair
2013-06-13Handle mutex scheduling from Gearman or Jenkins.James E. Blair
2013-06-12Don't grab jobs when shutting down.James E. Blair
2013-06-11Don't grab a job when executors are busy.James E. Blair
2013-06-11always run management workerzaro0508
2013-06-07Make worker threads more resilient.James E. Blair
2013-06-07Fix build description permission error.James E. Blair