BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
openstack/2.13Additional clean up of bindep / revoke-sudo logicPaul Belanger7 months
openstack/2.15Set version to 2.15.4David Pursehouse7 weeks
upstream/infra/configUse stable version of TriciumEdwin Kempin6 months
upstream/masterIntroduce new test API for ProjectCreationHan-Wen Nienhuys2 hours
upstream/stable-2.11Set version to 2.11.11David Pursehouse9 months
upstream/stable-2.12Upgrade JGit to v4.5.4.201711221230-rNasser Grainawi3 months
upstream/stable-2.13Merge branch 'stable-2.12' into stable-2.13David Pursehouse3 months
upstream/stable-2.14Add Marco Miller as a developer in pom.xml filesDavid Pursehouse6 days
upstream/stable-2.15Merge branch 'stable-2.15'Paladox12 months
upstream/stable-2.16Merge branch 'stable-2.15' into stable-2.16David Pursehouse3 days
v2.16commit d4d41ee60c...Luca Milanesio6 days
v2.15.7commit d93736f81b...David Pursehouse8 days
v2.14.17commit e4448e1c49...David Pursehouse12 days
v2.16-rc3commit 05d038165f...Luca Milanesio13 days
v2.16-rc2commit 7ebeab7f5b...Luca Milanesio3 weeks
v2.15.6commit 13133f23b9...David Pursehouse4 weeks
v2.16-rc1commit 31910e65cb...Luca Milanesio4 weeks
v2.14.16commit 9290258a59...David Pursehouse4 weeks
v2.16-rc0commit cd6d87fa65...Luca Milanesio5 weeks
v2.15.5commit 914a17d662...David Pursehouse6 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-01-06Hack out some CLA bits.HEADopenstack/2.2.1masterJames E. Blair
2011-12-21Add gitreview file.Monty Taylor
2011-11-08Merge "Add owner username to gerrit query command."Jenkins
2011-11-08Add owner username to gerrit query command.James E. Blair
2011-11-08Reject commit subjects over 50 characters.Monty Taylor
2011-07-22Add OpenID SSO support. Configuring OPENID_SSO in gerrit.configJames E. Blair
2011-06-07Draft release notes for 2.2.1v2.2.1Shawn O. Pearce
2011-06-07Merge branch 'stable'Shawn O. Pearce
2011-06-07Correct usage of @Nullable annotation in EventFactoryShawn O. Pearce
2011-06-07Replace the shell code that tries to emulate git config with an error.Magnus Vigerlöf