AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-30Removed unreasonable banning of newer pbr versionsHEADmasterSorin Sbarnea
2017-01-09For patch submitted/merged, announce the branch0.3.0John L. Villalovos
2016-11-02Treat channels as an LRU listJames E. Blair
2016-08-11Add gerrit stream over MQTT support to gerritbotMatthew Treinish
2015-12-14Fix reconnection methodJoshua Hesketh
2015-09-20Add a log entry to the debug log on config errorMonty Taylor
2015-05-14Replace ci.o.o links with docs.o.o/infraJeremy Stanley
2015-02-27Replace six.iteritems with iter()Monty Taylor
2015-02-27Update to modern pbrMonty Taylor
2014-11-11Switched documentation to point to storyboard.Michael Krotscheck
2014-08-11Merge "Adding a configuration option for gerritbots PID file path."Jenkins
2014-07-21Cleaning up index.rst fileChristian Berendt
2014-07-10replace dict.iteritems() with six.iteritems(dict)Christian Berendt
2014-06-02Adding a configuration option for gerritbots PID file path.Tim Kelsey
2014-05-23Force SSL Configuration ParameterMatthew Montgomery
2014-03-25Add support for notification of releases on IRC0.2.0Ricardo Carrillo Cruz
2014-03-10Support SSLJames E. Blair
2014-03-07Don't crash on UTF8 errorsJames E. Blair
2014-03-05Some README fixups, including git urlElizabeth Krumbach Joseph
2014-01-13Actually use super calls for init functions in bot.pyMatthew Treinish
2013-10-07Reconnect to IRC on send errorJames E. Blair
2013-08-06Make proposed and merged messages more terseJoe Gordon
2013-07-05Remove dependency on distribute.Monty Taylor
2013-06-20Merge "Renamed requirements files to standard names."Jenkins
2013-06-20Merge "Use flake8 instead pep8."Jenkins
2013-06-20Merge "Migrate to pbr."Jenkins
2013-06-06Pause between joins to avoid flooding.Jeremy Stanley
2013-06-02Renamed requirements files to standard names.Monty Taylor
2013-06-02Use flake8 instead pep8.Monty Taylor
2013-06-02Migrate to pbr.Monty Taylor
2013-01-09Update online documentation linkElizabeth Krumbach
2012-12-16Merge "Updated .gitreview location"Jenkins
2012-12-16Update README for project move.Jeremy Stanley
2012-12-16Updated .gitreview locationMonty Taylor
2012-11-26Merge "Create initial sphinx documentation"Jenkins
2012-11-25Create initial sphinx documentationPaul Belanger
2012-11-23Remove sitepackages=trueMonty Taylor
2012-11-05Add support for server passwordsErik Dalén
2012-08-24Fix Gerritbot leaking GerritLib Threads.0.1.2Clark Boylan
2012-08-24Handle KeyErrors when event data is not present.Clark Boylan
2012-08-24Log useful information.0.1.1Clark Boylan
2012-08-15Remove Nova's description from Boylan
2012-08-03Merge "Add a README file."Jenkins
2012-08-03Merge "Install gerritbot to /usr/local/bin."Jenkins
2012-08-02Add Apache 2 license file.Clark Boylan
2012-08-01Add a README file.Clark Boylan
2012-07-31Install gerritbot to /usr/local/bin.Clark Boylan
2012-07-31Use gerritlib for event-stream consumption.Clark Boylan
2012-07-30Add to project.David Ostrovsky
2012-07-09Add gitreviewJames E. Blair