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2018-03-01Import Zuul v3 jobHEADmasterAndreas Jaeger
2015-10-19Update group membership for olaphmatthew wagoner
2015-09-23Update group membership for mordredmatthew wagoner
2015-02-26Add Adam Sheldon to email mapp file.Adam Sheldon
2014-10-14Update clarkb affiliationClark Boylan
2014-09-08Merge "Update James Li's affiliations"Jenkins
2014-08-27Update James Li's affiliationsLouis Taylor
2014-08-17Add committer detailsChris Johnson
2014-08-13Add Louis Taylor to HPLouis Taylor
2014-08-04Update email addresses for Doug HellmannDoug Hellmann
2014-07-28Merge "Add stephane to HP."Jenkins
2014-07-21Merge "Tidy the do-it script to conform to bash8"Jenkins
2014-07-21Add stephane to HP.stephane
2014-07-15Tidy the do-it script to conform to bash8Dan Stangel
2014-07-15Add automated CI emails to be skipped in metricsDan Stangel
2014-07-02Add Julia KregerJulia Kreger
2014-06-25Change affiliation for jeblairJames E. Blair
2014-06-11Update gitdm to use gerrit 2.8 workflow namesDan Stangel
2014-06-02Update company affiliation for morganfainbergMorgan Fainberg
2014-05-28Add Jonathan HarkerJonathan Harker
2014-05-23Adding pcrews email to hp grouppatrick-crews
2014-05-01Merge "Update mtreinish's employment history"Jenkins
2014-05-01Add StevenK to the HP group listSteve Kowalik
2014-04-25Update mtreinish's employment historyMatthew Treinish
2014-04-24adjusting affiliationSean Dague
2014-03-26Merge "Add alias email for"Jenkins
2014-03-17Merge "Add myself to the email and launchpad maps"Jenkins
2014-03-17Add alias email for james.polley@hp.comJames Polley
2014-03-14Merge "Add header to output files and allow date ranges"Jenkins
2014-02-18Merge "Add Forrest Carpenter to launchpad/email"Jenkins
2014-02-17Merge "Added Lyssa Livingston to email"Jenkins
2014-02-17Add myself to the email and launchpad mapsbrosenberg
2014-02-18Adding alt email for Sergey LukjanovSergey Lukjanov
2014-02-17Added Lyssa Livingston to emailLyssa Livingston
2014-02-17Add Forrest Carpenter to launchpad/emailForrest Carpenter
2014-02-15Merge "Terry Howe added to other files"Jenkins
2014-02-13Terry Howe added to other filesTerry Howe
2014-02-07Fix misspellings in gitdmShane Wang
2014-02-06Merge "Adding Matt Farina."Jenkins
2014-02-04Adding Matt Farina.Matt Farina
2014-02-03Merge "update personal profile"Jenkins
2014-01-30update personal profileDennyZhang
2014-01-27Add header to output files and allow date rangesDan Stangel
2014-01-21Add Gregory Haynes to HPGregory Haynes
2013-11-19change my affiliation to SamsungSean Dague
2013-11-11Fix broken email mapping and add missing domainsDan Stangel
2013-10-25Merge "add email terrylhowe"Jenkins
2013-10-25Merge "update dansmith employment history"Jenkins
2013-10-24update dansmith employment historySean Dague
2013-10-24add email terrylhoweTerry Howe