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2019-03-24Replace git:// URLs with https://HEADmasterIan Wienand
2016-08-18Remove groups.jsonTom Fifield
2016-07-27Syntax fix for organiser docsTom Fifield
2016-07-25Add a section about groups over large areasTom Fifield
2016-07-07Update groups.o.o hackathon pageMarton Kiss
2016-05-13Content out of dateDavid F. Flanders
2015-10-07Fix organizer tips formattingMarton Kiss
2015-10-07Update Organiser Tips, new user-group faq pageTom Fifield
2015-10-02Only need one URL for Official User GroupTom Fifield
2015-06-22Merge "Fix minor spelling issues"Jenkins
2015-04-08Merge "Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual"Jenkins
2015-04-02Fix minor spelling issuesJames Polley
2015-03-18Merge "Add Official User Group Process as static page"Jenkins
2015-03-03Update Atlanta organizer informationDoug Hellmann
2015-02-27Remove unpaid linksMarton Kiss
2015-02-26Add Official User Group Process as static pageTom Fifield
2015-02-23Added missing accounts to EU user groupsMarton Kiss
2015-02-23Add Baltimore user groupMarton Kiss
2015-02-20Refactor coordinator email addressesMarton Kiss
2015-01-22Added Baden-Wurttemberg user groupMarton Kiss
2015-01-20Add missing content ids to Orange County and RomaniaMarton Kiss
2014-12-17Add new CO, USA meetup organiserTom Fifield
2014-12-05Workflow documentation is now in infra-manualJeremy Stanley
2014-10-03Adding the page How to Contribute as navigable page on the portalStefano Maffulli
2014-09-24Merge "Update Switzerland contact info"Jenkins
2014-09-24Update Switzerland contact infoMarton Kiss
2014-09-24Update Hungary user group contact dataMarton Kiss
2014-09-12Fix group geolocationsMarton Kiss
2014-09-10Merge "Contribution guide draft"Jenkins
2014-09-10Fix Boston group json errorMarton Kiss
2014-09-05Merge "removed duplicate attribute meetup for Boston"Jenkins
2014-09-05Merge "Add meetup for HKOSUG"Jenkins
2014-09-05Contribution guide draftMarton Kiss
2014-08-12Add makewiki.pyTom Fifield
2014-08-06Add meetup for HKOSUGTom Fifield
2014-08-04Merge "Update organizer email of Hungarian user group"Jenkins
2014-08-04Fix groups.json typo at line 943Marton Kiss
2014-08-04Update organizer email of Hungarian user groupMarton Kiss
2014-07-18Add romania groupTom Fifield
2014-07-17removed duplicate attribute meetup for BostonStefano Maffulli
2014-07-16Add unique id field to groupsMarton Kiss
2014-07-11Merge "Adding the json file that populates the groups db"Jenkins
2014-07-11Adding the json file that populates the groups dbStefano Maffulli
2014-07-02Adding the Community Code of ConductStefano Maffulli
2014-05-07Add .gitreview file.Marton Kiss
2014-04-23Initial commitMarton Kiss