AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-30Fix flag module unsupported operand types issueHEAD0.49masterMarton Kiss
2017-08-30Upgrade entity reference to 1.5Marton Kiss
2017-08-30Upgrade views to 3.18Marton Kiss
2017-08-01Add absolute urls to embedded map0.48Marton Kiss
2017-07-27Remove patchset #1805690 from drupal core0.47Marton Kiss
2017-07-26dev-build: Fail on errorsAndreas Jaeger
2017-07-26Add rubygem to bindepAndreas Jaeger
2017-07-26Add unzip to bindepJames E. Blair
2017-07-23Merge "Upgrade media module to 2.9"Jenkins
2017-07-23Upgrade media module to 2.9Marton Kiss
2017-07-23Upgrade smtp module to 1.7Marton Kiss
2017-07-22Upgrade Drupal Core to 7.56Marton Kiss
2017-04-26Merge "Upgrade Media module to 2.0"0.46Jenkins
2017-04-25Upgrade Media module to 2.0Marton Kiss
2017-04-25Merge "Update how to link"Jenkins
2017-04-20Update to new OpenStack logosTom Fifield
2017-03-29Update how to linkSonia Ramza
2017-02-27Upgrade Metatag module to 1.210.45Marton Kiss
2017-02-27Upgrade Views module to 3.15Marton Kiss
2017-02-02Security update for title module0.44Marton Kiss
2016-12-07Security update for media module0.43Marton Kiss
2016-12-07Security update for bootstrap themeMarton Kiss
2016-12-06Security update for elysia_cron moduleMarton Kiss
2016-12-06Upgrade Drupal Core to 7.52Marton Kiss
2016-10-18Upgrade Drupal Core to 7.510.42Marton Kiss
2016-10-18Security update for elysia_cron module0.41Marton Kiss
2016-10-14Resolve commons_activity_streams errorsMarton Kiss
2016-10-13Alter library search path to include commons librariesMarton Kiss
2016-10-13Merge "Add registry_rebuild module"Jenkins
2016-10-12Add registry_rebuild moduleMarton Kiss
2016-10-12Use iCalcreator package instead of masterMarton Kiss
2016-10-12Upgrade Drupal Commons to 3.39Marton Kiss
2016-10-12Remove forked commons modulesMarton Kiss
2016-09-29Flag module v3 patch applied to commons modules0.40Marton Kiss
2016-09-28Add Flag module v3 commons refactor patchMarton Kiss
2016-09-27Fix broken jsonpath url linkMarton Kiss
2016-08-24Merge "Move other-requirements.txt to bindep.txt"Jenkins
2016-08-23Security update for Panelizer moduleMarton Kiss
2016-08-19Merge "Cleanup Drupal 7.50 patches"0.39Jenkins
2016-08-19Merge "Security update for Google Analytics, Panels, Panelizer"Jenkins
2016-08-19Cleanup Drupal 7.50 patchesMarton Kiss
2016-08-18Security update for Google Analytics, Panels, PanelizerMarton Kiss
2016-08-18Group contanct report csv dump filter by group statusMarton Kiss
2016-08-12Move other-requirements.txt to bindep.txtAndreas Jaeger
2016-08-08Custom membership fields and reportingMarton Kiss
2016-07-23Fix Undefined index: und in groups_events_date_formatter_dates_alter0.38Marton Kiss
2016-07-22Enable tzfield module on updateMarton Kiss
2016-07-22Merge "Token based access for organizer contact report"Jenkins
2016-07-22Merge "Upgrade to Drupal Core 7.50"Jenkins
2016-07-22Token based access for organizer contact reportMarton Kiss