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tag date2016-10-18 15:01:44 +0200
tagged byMarton Kiss <>
tagged objectcommit 8e8051d4df...
Upgrade Commons to 3.39
This major upgrade removes the previous commons fork and provide a separate patch handling mechanism for Drupal Commons modules. It is required because the official release was not following some Security upgrades. Changes: - Resolve commons_activity_streams errors - Alter library search path to include commons libraries - Add registry_rebuild module - Use iCalcreator package instead of master - Upgrade Drupal Commons to 3.39 - Remove forked commons modules After deployment a registry rebuild required to cache up the new directory layout of commons modules. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG/MacGPG2 v2.0.22 (Darwin) Comment: GPGTools - iQEcBAABCgAGBQJYBh4FAAoJEFJXFL5vqf1x55gH+wVIe4PPlIRR3aZRjvF9odRM Wipv2abWPbzQUDIFpThaifjEPSoeJDAZveFIR5rTWWAJE9aPlNGREshYe4XWNtuw nkP7sW9STLpgDPt29XAX1mLCr/dl9TMvu6PZFuurxGnr/DPJgjUgGCS7rcr5A/92 aoP6jhk7du12GwbI+MvCDePQMBet2SKedL/BuFXAOz9XFoGvnRmd4v5ESW0524jm 49gpK2TiCsJtAjA56npOuD3fT+2MU6cKDsYuK0ALiHbE1RT00S3fcqyNO3OtC1Kx wMaDuY9pI1E7Zl8QbhIjsESol43lY989MP6U8ASRJRupNhOd8ge+4tSXeDZPEu8= =GCZq -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----