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masterSet hostnames before the common playRicardo Carrillo Cruz18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-06-24Set hostnames before the common playHEADmasterRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-06-17Make services optionalRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-06-09Merge "Provide more realistic resources.yml.sample"Jenkins
2016-06-09Merge "Set resolv.conf on nodes before bootstrap"Jenkins
2016-06-09Provide more realistic resources.yml.sampleRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-06-09Merge "Reuse the puppet-openstackci zuul scheduler class"Jenkins
2016-06-09Set resolv.conf on nodes before bootstrapRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-06-09Merge "Wait for server to be ssh reachable before bootstrap/configuration"Jenkins
2016-06-08Wait for server to be ssh reachable before bootstrap/configurationRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-06-08Reuse the puppet-openstackci zuul scheduler classRicardo Carrillo Cruz