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masterUpdating LCOO schedule to new time and channeljamemcc8 hours
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8 hoursUpdating LCOO schedule to new time and channelHEADmasterjamemcc
5 daysMove RPM Packaging meeting an hour later due to DSTDirk Mueller
5 daysAdd meeting for Women of OpenStackAmy Marrich (spotz)
11 daysChange the name of openstack-helm chairJaesuk Ahn
2017-11-05Merge "update requirements meeting time"Zuul
2017-11-04update requirements meeting timeMatthew Thode
2017-10-30Update channel for doc team meetingPetr Kovar
2017-10-27Update docs team mtg time and channelPetr Kovar
2017-10-25Change Congress meeting timeEric Kao
2017-10-25Convert Scientific from Working Group to Special Interest GroupBlair Bethwaite