path: root/tox.ini
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-07Use python3 to run pep8 jobThierry Carrez
2018-11-02use python 3 to build the siteDoug Hellmann
2017-12-19Move irc meetings tox job in-treeAndreas Jaeger
2016-07-27Remove the check targetTony Breeds
2016-07-26Check chairs are in the 'correct' format as part of pep8Tony Breeds
2016-05-20Setup a tox pep8 check and update test-requirements.txtJohn L. Villalovos
2015-11-25Add and testenv to run itTony Breeds
2015-06-18Change name of calendar dir to 'calendars'John L. Villalovos
2015-06-17Create individual ICS files and add to webpageJohn L. Villalovos
2015-06-13Set Calendar Name and Description on icalDave Walker (Daviey)
2015-05-27Whitelist mkdir as external in the tox.ini fileChristian Berendt
2015-05-26In tox, write output to subdirJames E. Blair
2015-05-22Generate index file in the ical tox targetThierry Carrez
2015-02-06Add ical test target to detect errorsThierry Carrez