OpenStack IRC channels and meetings

IRC channels

OpenStack maintains a large number of channels on the Freenode IRC network for community communications. You can learn more about IRC in the Contributor Guide.

The main channels are:

OpenStack IRC channels and logged. You can find all channels and all logs here:

  IRC Channel Logs

Links to specific meeting logs can be found on meeting descriptions below.

IRC meetings schedule

The IRC meetings schedule is driven by the openstack-infra/irc-meetings repository. To propose a change, please submit a change to that repository in Gerrit.

Here is the link to an ICS file containing all OpenStack IRC meetings, for use in your favorite calendaring app:

  iCalendar Complete Meeting Schedule

Meeting details

{% for meeting in meetings|sort(attribute='project') %}

{{ meeting.project }}

{{ meeting.description|urlize }}
{% for schedule in meeting.schedules %}
  {{ schedule.recurrence }} on {% if schedule.recurrence.day_specifier %}{{ schedule.recurrence.day_specifier }} {% endif %}{{ }} at {{ schedule.utc }} UTC in #{{ schedule.irc }} (IRC webclient)
{% endfor %}
  ICS file for this specific meeting
  Chair (to contact for more information): {{ meeting.chair }}
{% if meeting.extras.meeting_id %}
  Logs from past meetings
  Start this meeting using: #startmeeting {{meeting.extras.meeting_id|replace('-', '_')}}
{% endif %} {% if meeting.extras.agenda_url %}
  Agenda for next meeting
{% endif %}
{% endfor %} Page generated on {{ timestamp }} UTC