AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-21manage_projects: exit with error codeHEADmasterazvyagintsev
2018-10-29Use https for linksAndreas Jaeger
2018-05-18Remove leading whitespaces from the Gerrit welcome messageChristian Berendt
2018-03-23Support cgit alias sitesJames E. Blair
2017-09-23Handle newer gerrit in update blueprint scriptClark Boylan
2017-09-22Merge "Remove self from group after group creation"Jenkins
2017-09-22Remove self from group after group creationClark Boylan
2017-09-22Remove a retired reference missed in previous refactorMonty Taylor
2017-09-22Merge "Revert "Add description to needs_update calculations""Jenkins
2017-09-22Merge "Remove extra writing of description"Jenkins
2017-09-22Revert "Add description to needs_update calculations"Monty Taylor
2017-09-21Remove extra writing of descriptionMonty Taylor
2017-09-21Merge "Include -attic in retired calculations"Jenkins
2017-09-21Include -attic in retired calculationsMonty Taylor
2017-09-20Merge "Make retired acl check less greedy"Jenkins
2017-09-20Merge "Don't include retired projects for codesearch"Jenkins
2017-09-20Merge "Stop showing retired repos in cgit"Jenkins
2017-09-20Merge "Add description to needs_update calculations"Jenkins
2017-09-20Merge "Don't mark as created in github until we're done"Jenkins
2017-09-20Make retired acl check less greedyMonty Taylor
2017-08-29Don't include retired projects for codesearchMonty Taylor
2017-07-21Update bugs only with active Gerrit accountsJeremy Stanley
2017-06-29Stop showing retired repos in cgitMonty Taylor
2017-06-29Add description to needs_update calculationsMonty Taylor
2017-06-29Don't mark as created in github until we're doneMonty Taylor
2017-06-23strip out newlines when writing repo.descSean Dague
2017-03-24Fix startswith usageAndreas Jaeger
2017-03-23Merge "If we're going to apply acls, we need a dir"Jenkins
2017-03-23Merge "Codesearch: Ignore dead repos"Jenkins
2017-03-23Merge "hound: ignore deb-* projects"Jenkins
2017-03-23Merge "Deduplicate some more code"Jenkins
2017-03-23If we're going to apply acls, we need a dirMonty Taylor
2017-03-16Codesearch: Ignore dead reposAndreas Jaeger
2017-03-16hound: ignore deb-* projectsIhar Hrachyshka
2017-02-17Merge "Allow to customize values in .gitreview file"Jenkins
2017-02-17Merge "Make protocol configurable"Jenkins
2017-02-17Deduplicate some more codeMonty Taylor
2017-02-17Merge "Only expire open reviews"Jenkins
2017-02-17Merge "Move make_local_copy to utils"Jenkins
2017-02-17Merge "Skip retry loop on first check for group"Jenkins
2017-02-17Allow to customize values in .gitreview fileSergey Kulanov
2017-02-15Move make_local_copy to utilsMonty Taylor
2017-02-14Correct a boolean inversion for github updatingMonty Taylor
2017-02-14Split track-upstream from manage-projectsMonty Taylor
2017-02-13Continue to optimize manage-projects for resiliencyMonty Taylor
2017-02-13Make a few less github API callsMonty Taylor
2017-02-09Cache acl application and skip if necessaryMonty Taylor
2017-02-07Cache status of stages in manage-projectsMonty Taylor
2017-02-07Merge "Update projects on GitHub"Jenkins
2017-02-07Merge "Check git fsck output when importing projects"Jenkins