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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-25Add update option to the JJB config sampleAnil Belur
2016-11-11Add convenience function for plugin namespaceThanh Ha
2015-08-24Stash publisher's credentials configurationNicolas Glayre
2015-04-17Only query jenkins plugins if config providedDarragh Bailey
2015-02-17Support excludes when recursively processing pathsDarragh Bailey
2014-10-14Merge "Error on duplicate job names being found"Jenkins
2014-10-06Merge "Enable hipchat section into sample file"Jenkins
2014-09-30Error on duplicate job names being foundDarragh Bailey
2014-09-08Enable hipchat section into sample fileYolanda Robla
2014-08-29Added recursive optionDavid Caro
2014-06-20Use yaml local tags to support including filesDarragh Bailey
2014-04-09Added config options to not overwrite jobs descDavid Caro
2013-12-10Enable ignore_cache flag on jenkins_jobs.iniYolanda Robla
2012-10-30Add sample jenkins_jobs.ini configuration filePaul Belanger