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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-27Constrain PyYAML to v3.x.Vicky Chijwani
2018-01-12bump python-jenkins versionSorin Sbarnea
2017-10-23Basic folder supportDarragh Bailey
2017-08-09Add !include-jinja2 for rendering templates with Jinja2Daniel Watkins
2017-06-27Allow using lockfile per jenkins masterDarragh Bailey
2016-12-10Sync requirements with openstack/requirementsMonty Taylor
2016-08-19Not limit stevedore to 1.8.0liyuanzhen
2016-07-08Introduce modular implementation of subcommands.Wayne
2016-02-09Remove ordereddict support from py26Thomas Bechtold
2016-01-11Add separate linkcheck env and allow dev to select builderDarragh Bailey
2015-09-18Merge "Improve delete all job performance"Jenkins
2015-08-25rm argparse from requirements.txtKen Dreyer
2015-07-31Improve delete all job performanceKhai Do
2015-06-09requirements: pin pbr>=0.8.2,<2.0Emilien Macchi
2015-02-06Depend on python-jenkins 0.4.1 or laterJeremy Stanley
2014-10-06Make JJB python 3 compatibleMarc Abramowitz
2014-09-04Move ordereddict to requirementsDarragh Bailey
2014-09-02Revert "Some tweaks to get closer to Python 3 compat"Clark Boylan
2014-09-01Some tweaks to get closer to Python 3 compatMarc Abramowitz
2014-07-27Argparse is required for JJB to parse argumentsDarragh Bailey
2014-05-27Add tox "coverage" targetMarc Abramowitz
2014-03-14Migrate to pbrAntoine Musso