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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-17Update mailinglist addressqingszhao
2018-11-12Add support for All view-typeThanh Ha
2018-10-28Fix flake8 failures and make its execution more consistentSorin Sbarnea
2018-07-12adopt pre-commit hooksSorin Sbarnea
2018-03-15Add multibranch project-typeJoost van der Griendt
2018-03-09Add a "list" subcommandMarc Abramowitz
2018-01-26docs: sphinx upgrade and warnings as errosSorin Sbarnea
2018-01-05Generate universal wheelsJeremy Stanley
2018-01-01Revert "Move macro expansion into YamlParser."Thanh Ha
2017-10-23Add cloudbees folder creation supportJerome Hourquebie
2017-09-19Allow update to provide plugin_info via yamlThanh Ha
2017-08-24Move macro expansion into YamlParser.Wayne Warren
2017-05-10setup.cfg: use project homepageKen Dreyer
2017-02-08Merge "Add Pipeline job type and deprecate Workflow"Jenkins
2017-01-24Add Pipeline job type and deprecate WorkflowYann Voté
2017-01-23Remove support for py33Cao Xuan Hoang
2016-10-14Add view management functionalityThanh Ha
2016-07-19Fix entry point name for delete-all subcommandDarragh Bailey
2016-07-08Introduce modular implementation of subcommands.Wayne
2016-01-11Remove linkcheck from sphinx builders list in configDarragh Bailey
2015-12-12Infer and build entry points from component modulesDarragh Bailey
2015-12-11Add support for cucumber reports pluginDong Ma
2015-12-09Merge "Correct the entry points of cucumber-testresult"Jenkins
2015-12-04Merge "Revert "Add support for "tox" builder""Jenkins
2015-12-04Revert "Add support for "tox" builder"Andreas Jaeger
2015-12-04Correct the entry points of cucumber-testresultDong Ma
2015-12-03Merge "Add support for "tox" builder"Jenkins
2015-12-03Merge "Add support for the RunDeck plugin"Jenkins
2015-12-03Merge "add support for NodeJS Plugin"Jenkins
2015-12-03Merge "Add support for runscope plugin"Jenkins
2015-12-02Merge "Adding support for monitoring files using FSTrigger Plugin"Jenkins
2015-12-02Add support for "tox" builderDenis Laxalde
2015-11-26Add support for the RunDeck pluginDevon Peters
2015-11-24Added support for the workflow job typeDavid Caro
2015-11-10add support for NodeJS PluginTomas Bezdek
2015-11-10Add support for Rebuild PluginTomas Bezdek
2015-11-04Add support for runscope pluginKevin Daniels
2015-10-17Adding support for monitoring files using FSTrigger PluginSomay Jain
2015-10-08Merge "Implements: additions for OS3 plugin entry points in builders and scm"Jenkins
2015-10-08Implements: additions for OS3 plugin entry points in builders and scmAri LiVigni
2015-10-05setup.cfg: py26 is no longer supportedKen Dreyer
2015-10-02Revert "Support for Shiningpanda's Tox Builder"Jeremy Stanley
2015-10-02Merge "Support for Shiningpanda's Tox Builder"Jenkins
2015-09-30Merge "Add support for Artifactory plugin"Jenkins
2015-09-29Support for Shiningpanda's Tox BuilderMarco Nenciarini
2015-09-29Merge "support for the phabricator plugin"Jenkins
2015-09-29Merge "Added gitlab plugin"Jenkins
2015-09-17Support copyartifact build selector paramDarragh Bailey
2015-09-17Add support for Artifactory pluginRyan Carey
2015-09-10support for the phabricator pluginChris Burroughs