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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-12-10Sync requirements with openstack/requirementsMonty Taylor
2014-03-14Migrate to pbrAntoine Musso
2014-03-14Merge "Ruby metrics plugin support added"Jenkins
2014-03-14Merge "Added support for CI Game plugin"Jenkins
2014-03-13Added support for CI Game pluginKei YAMAZAKI
2014-03-12ZMQ Event Publisher plugin support addedSergey Kolekonov
2014-03-11Ruby metrics plugin support addedSergey Kolekonov
2014-03-02Merge "Added support for python virtualenv plugin"Jenkins
2014-03-02Merge "Added support for Delivery Pipeline Plugin"Jenkins
2014-02-27ArtifactDeployer Plugin support addedSergey Kolekonov
2014-02-26Added support for Delivery Pipeline PluginPatrik Boström
2014-02-25Merge "Add support for TestNG publisher."Jenkins
2014-02-25Merge "added logstash plugin support and fixed test typo"Jenkins
2014-02-25Merge "Add script trigger."Jenkins
2014-02-24Add support for TestNG publisher.Joao Vale
2014-02-22Merge "Added support for least load plugin."Jenkins
2014-02-20Merge "Added support for Jenkins Campfire plugin"Jenkins
2014-02-20Added support for python virtualenv pluginGabriele Cerami
2014-02-20Added support for Jenkins Campfire pluginPeter Liljenberg
2014-02-20Added support for least load plugin.David Johansen
2014-02-13Heavy Job Plugin support addedSergey Kolekonov
2014-02-07Add script trigger.Jaroslav Henner
2014-02-06added logstash plugin support and fixed test typoBill Maxwell
2014-02-06Added clone-workspace publisherEli Klein
2014-02-03Merge "Added support for Ci Skip Plugin"Jenkins
2014-02-03Added support for Ci Skip PluginKei YAMAZAKI
2014-02-02Merge "Support site monitor publisher"Jenkins
2014-02-02Added support for Builds chain fingerprinterKei YAMAZAKI
2014-02-01Support site monitor publisherGuido Günther
2014-01-23Added rbenv wrapperEli Klein
2013-12-21Added support for Github notifierKei YAMAZAKI
2013-12-12Merge "cloverphp publisher"Jenkins
2013-12-10cloverphp publisherAntoine Musso
2013-12-08Description Setter Plugin support addedSergey Kolekonov
2013-12-05Merge "Add support for batch_tasks."Jenkins
2013-12-04Add support for batch_tasks.Jaroslav Henner
2013-11-26Merge "Added support for Jenkins plugin Blame upstream committers"Jenkins
2013-11-25Added support for Jenkins plugin Blame upstream committersPeter Liljenberg
2013-11-20Added support for Stash NotifierMarcus Nilsson
2013-11-19Added support for Emotional JenkinsKei YAMAZAKI
2013-11-14Merge "Add build-publisher to jenkins-job-builder"Jenkins
2013-11-14Add build-publisher to jenkins-job-builderYolanda Robla
2013-11-13Merge "Inject passwords to the build as environment variables support added"Jenkins
2013-10-31Merge "Jenkins Dynamic Parameter Plug-in support"Jenkins
2013-10-30Merge "Adding support for the Build Result Trigger plugin"Jenkins
2013-10-30Jenkins Dynamic Parameter Plug-in supportDzmitry Horbach
2013-10-26Inject passwords to the build as environment variables support addedDzmitry Horbach
2013-10-23Adding support for the Build Result Trigger pluginWill Soula
2013-10-19Jenkins Ownership PluginAlexander Braverman
2013-10-11Merge "Add repo scm"Jenkins