AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-21Merge "Make timestamps link to their own anchors"HEADmasterJenkins
2016-12-20Add __str__() method to GenericItem classJohn L. Villalovos
2016-11-29Provide __str__ method for Topic and LinkJohn L. Villalovos
2016-01-26Make timestamps link to their own anchorsTim Burke
2014-03-05manual: fix typoEmilien Macchi
2014-02-08Fix misspellings in meetbotShane Wang
2013-07-12Adding ability for a non-chair to end a meeting after timeBob Ball
2013-07-12Fixed test scripts to include a meeting nameBob Ball
2012-12-16Updated .gitreview locationMonty Taylor
2012-11-26Merge "Fix initial meeting topic setting"Jenkins
2012-11-21Fix initial meeting topic settingGarrett Holmstrom
2012-11-21Fix package namesGarrett Holmstrom
2012-10-31Add better #startvote error responses.Clark Boylan
2012-08-22Be paranoid about meeting names.James E. Blair
2012-08-21Make 'meetingname' a required argument of startmeeting.James E. Blair
2012-06-19Make voting case insensitive.Clark Boylan
2012-05-11Tweak #startvote parsing.Clark Boylan
2012-04-30Adds basic voting support to meetbot.Clark Boylan
2012-04-27Add .gitreviewAndrew Hutchings
2010-12-28Bug fix: #rejected aliased to #rejectdevtipRichard Darst
2010-12-27Make link URL matching smarterRichard Darst - fix up test scriptsRichard Darst - fix MediaWiki uploadingRichard Darst
2010-12-27README.txt - fix several Meeting/MeetBot referencesRichard Darst - more properly detect nicknames in linesRichard Darst - add missing filename= line in Config.saveRichard Darst
2010-12-10ircmeeting/ - add mediawiki upload patch from David NarvaezRichard Darst
2010-12-10ircmeeting/ - update to ".none" extensionRichard Darst
2010-12-09ircmeeting/ - ".none" extension prevents writing filesRichard Darst
2010-12-09supybotconfig/writers - fix kwargs parsing for writersRichard Darst
2010-12-09ircmeeting/ - add `basename` replacement variableRichard Darst
2010-12-09supybotconfig - fix __init__ orderRichard Darst
2010-12-09Change supybot plugin name back to MeetBotRichard Darst
2010-12-09MeetBot/ - change irc nick MrBeige->darstRichard Darst - update locating logicRichard Darst
2010-12-07README.txt - update for restructuringRichard Darst
2010-11-28Big rename and split into python modulesRichard Darst
2010-02-12Update README file for latest dependencies and setupRichard Darst
2010-02-12add Template writer documentation to the manualRichard Darst
2009-11-25Add %(channel) replacement to filenamesstableRichard Darst
2009-11-24Fix case error in "class Config" exampleRichard Darst
2009-11-23Separate start/endmeeting variables into a replacements methodRichard Darst
2009-11-23Enable tests for template writersRichard Darst
2009-11-23Update template writers to use absolute/relative URLsRichard Darst
2009-11-23Special-case the LINK item type in the templates.Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)
2009-10-11Tests: test non-ascii nicks/lines from supybotRichard Darst
2009-10-11Warn when #chair'ing a nick that isn't in the channelRichard Darst
2009-09-30MediaWiki writer: fix title levelsRichard Darst
2009-09-24Added a test of meeting output, and other reorganizationRichard Darst
2009-09-23Unify the two writers, select template by using template= argumentRichard Darst