AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
18 hoursAdded get ticket types endpointsHEADmasterSebastian Marcet
23 hoursAdded endpoint to deleteSebastian Marcet
42 hoursAdded endpointsSebastian Marcet
42 hoursAdded endpointSebastian Marcet
46 hoursAdded endpointSebastian Marcet
48 hoursAdded endpointsSebastian Marcet
3 daysAdded endpoint to add RSVP template questionSebastian Marcet
7 daysfixes wrong cast on location service for updatemap/imageSebastian Marcet
8 daysAllows null on file param on location image/map update methodSebastian Marcet
8 daysFix on multiresponse parserSebastian Marcet
8 daysAdded endpoint to get/delete rsvp template by idSebastian Marcet
8 daysfixed error on room floor updateSebastian Marcet
8 daysfix on images upload/updateSebastian Marcet
8 daysadded location images endpointsSebastian Marcet
9 daysFixed error on file upload when folder does not existsSebastian Marcet
9 daysAdded endpoint get RSVP by summitSebastian Marcet
10 daysadded endpoint to delete location mapSebastian Marcet
10 daysadded endpoint to update location maps and get by idSebastian Marcet
10 daysadded endpoint to add location mapSebastian Marcet
2018-03-08PUT /api/v1/summits/{id}/locations/{location_id}/banners/{banner_id}Sebastian Marcet
2018-03-08Added endpoint to delete banners per locationSebastian Marcet
2018-03-07Added new endpoint get banners per locationSebastian Marcet
2018-03-07added new endpoint add location bannerSebastian Marcet
2018-03-07Added endpoints to get venue rooms and venue floors by idSebastian Marcet
2018-03-06Added new endpoint delete venue roomSebastian Marcet
2018-03-06Added endpoint to update summit venue roomsSebastian Marcet
2018-03-05added new endpoints to add rooms per venue and per venue floorsSebastian Marcet
2018-03-05Added endpoint delete venue floorSebastian Marcet
2018-03-05Added enpoint update summit venue floorSebastian Marcet
2018-03-05Added enpoint to add summit venue floorSebastian Marcet
2018-03-02Added new endpoint to delete location by summitSebastian Marcet
2018-03-02Added update location endpointsSebastian Marcet
2018-03-01Fixed fields naming conventionSebastian Marcet
2018-03-01Added new endpoints to add locations per summitSebastian Marcet
2018-02-27Added new endpointsSebastian Marcet
2018-02-27Added endpoint delete track per summitSebastian Marcet
2018-02-27Updated Add/Update event endpoint to accept RSVP template idSebastian Marcet
2018-02-26Fixed erro on allow to see event logicSebastian Marcet
2018-02-22Added endpoint update track by summitSebastian Marcet
2018-02-22Added add new track by summit endpointSebastian Marcet
2018-02-22Added get tracks by summit endpointsSebastian Marcet
2018-02-22Added new endpoint to seed default event types per summitSebastian Marcet
2018-02-21Fixed event type validation rulesSebastian Marcet
2018-02-20added endpoint get event type by summit and idSebastian Marcet
2018-02-20added export event types csvSebastian Marcet
2018-02-20Added endpoint delete summit event typeSebastian Marcet
2018-02-19Added update event type endpointSebastian Marcet
2018-02-19Added endpoint add summit event typeSebastian Marcet
2018-02-19Updated endpointSebastian Marcet
2018-02-16Added logic to manage calendar sync errorSebastian Marcet