AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
24 hoursAdded new endpoints to get speaker active involvementsHEADmasterSebastian Marcet
25 hoursAdded new public endpoints to get languages and countriesSebastian Marcet
25 hoursfixed speaker update endpointsSebastian Marcet
2 daysFixed my speaker profileSebastian Marcet
2 daysAdded new my affiliations endpointsSebastian Marcet
9 daysFixed composer.lock5.0.0Sebastian Marcet
9 daysupdate caldav client lib due an error on vcard responseSebastian Marcet
9 daysUpdated Presentation serializerSebastian Marcet
9 daysFix on set status on presentation for CFPSebastian Marcet
9 daysFixed delete presentation for CFPSebastian Marcet
10 daysFixed CFP endpointsSebastian Marcet
10 daysFix on heuristic to get Summit PagesSebastian Marcet
2018-10-02Fix on speaker serializerSebastian Marcet
2018-09-27Fix on CFP presentation submission proccessSebastian Marcet
2018-09-26Fixed bugs on Submit presentation flowSebastian Marcet
2018-09-26added new endpoint delete my presentationSebastian Marcet
2018-09-25Fix validation issue on links presentation creationSebastian Marcet
2018-09-24added public endpoint to get summit by idSebastian Marcet
2018-09-20Fix issue on track extra questionSebastian Marcet
2018-09-20Fix on reassign attendee tixSebastian Marcet
2018-09-19Fix on update affiliation endpointSebastian Marcet
2018-09-18Fix on seed default track tag groups responseSebastian Marcet
2018-09-18added endpoints for my presentations moderatorsSebastian Marcet
2018-09-18Fixed validation on member affiliation endpointsSebastian Marcet
2018-09-17Added new endpoints to seed tags on summit tracksSebastian Marcet
2018-09-14Added endpoints to remove/add extra questions from tracksSebastian Marcet
2018-09-14Fixed typo on endpoint seeding forSebastian Marcet
2018-09-14Added missing endpoint get track question template by idSebastian Marcet
2018-09-14Track Extra Questions EndpointsSebastian Marcet
2018-09-10added new endpoint to reassign attendee ticket to another memberSebastian Marcet
2018-09-10Added new endpoints for Track Tag GroupsSebastian Marcet
2018-09-05Added new endpoint get track tag group allowed tags per SummitSebastian Marcet
2018-09-05Updated endpoints POST/PUT track by summitSebastian Marcet
2018-09-05Update params on get promocodes (CVS)Sebastian Marcet
2018-09-04Fixed typo on PresentationCategorySerializerSebastian Marcet
2018-09-04added new endpoint ADD OrganizationSebastian Marcet
2018-09-03Added new endpoints get organizationsSebastian Marcet
2018-09-03Updated PUT/POST affiliationSebastian Marcet
2018-09-01Merge "Fixed join type for events query"Zuul
2018-09-01Fixed join type for events querySebastian Marcet
2018-09-01Issue on get events querySebastian Marcet
2018-08-30Fixes on member affiliation APISebastian Marcet
2018-08-29Bug on endpoint /api/v1/summits/{id}/events/published/empty-spotsSebastian Marcet
2018-08-29Updated Summit Json cacheSebastian Marcet
2018-08-13Added endpoints to add/remove speakersSebastian Marcet
2018-08-13Added endpoint to get my speaker presentationsSebastian Marcet
2018-08-09Fixed bug on track serializationSebastian Marcet
2018-08-07Presentation POST/PUT ValidationSebastian Marcet
2018-08-06Added missing permissionSebastian Marcet
2018-08-06Adeed endpointSebastian Marcet