AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-07Move zuul job definition inside the respositoryHEADmasterSorin Sbarnea
2018-11-07Adds libmagic on plaforms missing itSorin Sbarnea
2018-10-25Assures that wrapping on PRE occurs on any kind of charactersSorin Sbarnea
2018-07-31Fix HTMLify CLIJames E. Blair
2018-07-08Add missing </head> tagTristan Cacqueray
2018-04-17Better supports sev checkingClark Boylan
2017-12-13Handle screen-placement-apiMatt Riedemann
2017-12-05Merge "Support severity filtering for dragonflow logs"Zuul
2017-11-16Support severity filtering for dragonflow logsShachar Snapiri
2017-11-15Add clickable CRITICAL linkJohn L. Villalovos
2017-10-04Support the log level "CRITICAL"John L. Villalovos
2017-08-02Add Octavia logs to filter regexAdam Harwell
2017-05-31Use last sev if current sev is NONEClark Boylan
2017-04-28fix missing space in systemd logsSean Dague
2017-04-12Fix systemd line parsingSean Dague
2017-04-10Add support for systemd logsSean Dague
2017-04-05Remove swift supportSean Dague
2017-02-24Capture logs for lib/neutron servicesIhar Hrachyshka
2017-02-24Made test_wsgi somewhat smarterIhar Hrachyshka
2017-02-24Bump hacking to the latest versionIhar Hrachyshka
2016-09-06add placement-api to list of understood logsSean Dague
2016-06-21Test high-precision timestamps in console logIan Wienand
2016-05-16Merge "Whitelist ironic- prefix in"Jenkins
2015-12-09Whitelist ironic- prefix in filter.pyDmitry Tantsur
2015-11-30Whitelist .log.gz files from the passthroughRyan Hsu
2015-11-11Add support for rfc7233 range headers.K Jonathan Harker
2015-10-11Merge "Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors"Jenkins
2015-10-08Add mtime to generated indexesClark Boylan
2015-10-08Report object sizes from swift when writing indexClark Boylan
2015-10-08Print file sizes in indexes for on disk filesClark Boylan
2015-10-07Dedup index entriesClark Boylan
2015-09-30Skip whitespace for html viewJoshua Hesketh
2015-09-30Update requirementsRobert Collins
2015-09-21Change ignore-errors to ignore_errorsMonty Taylor
2015-09-02Add support for listing folder indexesJoshua Hesketh
2015-08-21Merge "Fix comment on way indexes are loaded"Jenkins
2015-08-19Only provide html if client supports itClark Boylan
2015-08-04Fix comment on way indexes are loadedJoshua Hesketh
2015-07-18Surpress 404 errors from swiftJoshua Hesketh
2015-07-18Merge "Add support for setting filters and views per file"Jenkins
2015-07-18Merge "Allow the config to set the filter and view"Jenkins
2015-07-18Merge "Reapply tidy up generators into contained objects"Jenkins
2015-07-15Merge "Add Manila logs to filter regex"Jenkins
2015-07-15Add support for setting filters and views per fileJoshua Hesketh
2015-07-15Allow the config to set the filter and viewJoshua Hesketh
2015-07-15Reapply tidy up generators into contained objectsJoshua Hesketh
2015-07-14Merge "Set DocumentRoot for devstack plugin"Jenkins
2015-07-14Merge "Assume trailing slashes want to load indexes"Jenkins
2015-07-07Set DocumentRoot for devstack pluginJoshua Hesketh
2015-06-24Create devstack plugin for testing os-loganalyzeJoshua Hesketh