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masterRun kata-runsh-fedora-28 on kata proxyClark Boylan6 hours
before-jenkins-config-removedcommit 8643da6c1c...Clark Boylan8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 hoursRun kata-runsh-fedora-28 on kata proxyHEADmasterClark Boylan
10 hoursMerge "Add Vitrage to StoryBoard"Zuul
12 hoursMerge "use python3 to run launchpad commenting script"Zuul
29 hoursAdd fedora vexxhost flavor for KataClark Boylan
32 hoursuse python3 to run launchpad commenting scriptDoug Hellmann
34 hoursMerge "Remove legacy rally jobs"Zuul
34 hoursMerge "Bump packethost max servers to 100"Zuul
34 hoursMerge "Remove direct tagging from swift-bench ACL"Zuul
40 hoursRemove legacy rally jobsAndrey Kurilin
2 daysBump packethost max servers to 100Clark Boylan