path: root/jenkins/jobs/designate.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-24Remove zuul v2 and jjb contentMonty Taylor
2017-07-24Filter out services in designate jobsThomas Herve
2017-07-21Fix typo in designate job definitionThomas Herve
2017-07-17Add a py3 designate jobThomas Herve
2017-06-19Enable horizon for designate grenade gateHieu LE
2017-05-27Convert some jobs to use local_confAndreas Jaeger
2016-12-14Liberty spring cleaningClark Boylan
2016-12-08Change job-suffix to suffixAndreas Jaeger
2016-12-06Convert Designate jobs to XenialClark Boylan
2016-09-08Add new worker-model job, and remove 2 legacy dvsm jobsGraham Hayes
2016-08-23Do not run all tempest tests on designate grenade jobGraham Hayes
2016-08-21designate: Add a non-voting job with postgres as DB backendThomas Bechtold
2016-07-13Merge "Add experimental grenade job for designate"Jenkins
2016-07-12Fix designate-identity-v3-only tempest jobGraham Hayes
2016-07-11Add keystone v3 only nv job to designateGraham Hayes
2016-07-11Add experimental grenade job for designateGraham Hayes
2016-06-24Jenkins/jobs: Kilo cleanupAndreas Jaeger
2016-05-06Add experimental job for Designate's knot2 agent backendKiall Mac Innes
2016-04-12Add tempest variations of Designate DSVM jobsKiall Mac Innes
2016-04-07Add designate-tempest-plugin to Designate DSVM jobsKiall Mac Innes
2016-02-07Remove DEVSTACK_GATE_TIMEOUT [part 2]Andreas Jaeger
2015-12-08Remove juno handling from JenkinsAndreas Jaeger
2015-11-27Switch Designate DSVM jobs to use a DevStack PluginKiall Mac Innes
2015-06-30Add openstack/designate-dashboard to designate DSVM gatesKiall Mac Innes
2015-04-02Add a PgSQL Designate DSVM JobKiall Mac Innes
2015-03-10Enable Tempest in Designate dsvm jobsKiall Mac Innes
2014-12-02Add Designate BIND9 DSVM JobKiall Mac Innes
2014-09-25Reorganizes project-configAnita Kuno