AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-18Depend on helper gem for spec_helper_acceptanceHEADmasterColleen Murphy
2017-06-11Update beaker setup for xenialColleen Murphy
2017-05-01Add bindep.txt filePaul Belanger
2016-12-05Compress and remove old jetty logsIan Wienand
2016-08-18Add explicit configuration support for AkismetJeremy Stanley
2016-06-21Use new infra_spec_helper for gem dependenciesSpencer Krum
2016-04-14Pin google-api-client; sanitize GemfileSpencer Krum
2016-03-20Order of the classes parameters is refactoredAndrey Nikitin
2016-03-05Add captcha to the askbot venvSpencer Krum
2016-03-03Add missing venv python to cron scriptsMarton Kiss
2016-01-08Fix broken Pillow pip dependencyMarton Kiss
2015-10-15Refactor vcsrepo to git resource to resolve refresh trigger issuesMarton Kiss
2015-09-28Allow custom templateMarton Kiss
2015-09-11Fix vcsrepo refresh trigger on non-branch repositoryMarton Kiss
2015-08-19Fix target path for regular git clone during testsSpencer Krum
2015-08-13Fix smtp port and host assignment in config.ppMarton Kiss
2015-08-07Fix askbot upfiles directory typoMarton Kiss
2015-08-05Resolve SSL certificate dependency issueMarton Kiss
2015-08-04Log clean session cron outputJames E. Blair
2015-07-28Boilerplate beaker-rspec filesSpencer Krum
2015-07-24Remove invalid commentPaul Belanger
2015-07-24Merge "Remove puppet-lint-numericvariable gem"Jenkins
2015-07-21Remove puppet-lint-numericvariable gemColleen Murphy
2015-07-21Migrate to puppet-httpd modulePaul Belanger
2015-07-18Add virtualenv supportMarton Kiss
2015-07-14Enable arrow alignment lint checkColleen Murphy
2015-07-09Enable puppet-lint-empty_string-check & fix errorsColleen Murphy
2015-07-09Add Gemfile and puppet 4 checksColleen Murphy
2015-07-02Add CSRFViewMiddleware to settings.pyMarton Kiss
2015-06-17Don't enable a chain cert if contents emptyJeremy Stanley
2015-06-16Merge "Askbot module refactor"Jenkins
2015-06-02Askbot module refactorMarton Kiss
2015-05-14Replace ci.o.o links with docs.o.o/infraJeremy Stanley
2015-04-22Enable OpenID loginsStefano Maffulli
2015-04-20Rename openstackci to openstackinfraRamy Asselin
2015-04-10Update email sender addressMarton Kiss
2015-03-23Added missing askbot cron jobsMarton Kiss
2015-01-29Add missing LICENSE fileJeremy Stanley
2015-01-28Add standard puppet metadata.json and remove ModulefileMarton Kiss
2015-01-26Added missing files requires for Puppet module split-outMarton Kiss
2015-01-26initial commitMarton Kiss