AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-23Monkey-patch drush module for puppet 4HEADmasterColleen Murphy
2018-07-23Fix template variableColleen Murphy
2018-07-23Fix template variablesColleen Murphy
2018-07-12Update Gemfile for Zuulv3Colleen Murphy
2018-06-12Merge "Fix scope of vhost template variables"Zuul
2018-05-01Merge "Fix defined type namespacing"Zuul
2018-04-27Fix scope of vhost template variablesColleen Murphy
2018-04-26Fix defined type namespacingColleen Murphy
2018-04-20Use versioncmp functionColleen Murphy
2017-08-18Depend on helper gem for spec_helper_acceptanceColleen Murphy
2017-06-24Fix beaker on xenialColleen Murphy
2017-05-01Add bindep.txt filePaul Belanger
2016-06-21Use new infra_spec_helper for gem dependenciesSpencer Krum
2016-04-14Pin google-api-client; sanitize GemfileSpencer Krum
2016-03-30Merge "Refactor drush deployment"Jenkins
2016-03-29Support Apache 2.4Marton Kiss
2016-03-22Refactor drush deploymentMarton Kiss
2016-03-22Order of the classes parameters is refactoredAndrey Nikitin
2015-10-19Remove explicit mysql-client installationColleen Murphy
2015-10-19Fix cron setup logicColleen Murphy
2015-10-19Fix mysql parameter defaultsColleen Murphy
2015-10-19Fix $site_root and $site_docroot parametersColleen Murphy
2015-10-19Fix ssl file logicColleen Murphy
2015-10-19Add reasonable default for $site_name parameterColleen Murphy
2015-10-15Remove reference to Distbuild typeColleen Murphy
2015-08-19Fix target path for regular git clone during testsSpencer Krum
2015-08-06Merge "Add Gemfile and puppet 4 checks"Jenkins
2015-07-28Boilerplate beaker-rspec filesSpencer Krum
2015-07-23Add Gemfile and puppet 4 checksColleen Murphy
2015-07-16Migrate to puppet-httpd modulePaul Belanger
2015-05-14Replace ci.o.o links with docs.o.o/infraJeremy Stanley
2015-04-20Rename openstackci to openstackinfraRamy Asselin
2015-02-26Get cron key variable from conf parameterMarton Kiss
2015-02-04Decouple configuration variables from settings.phpMarton Kiss
2015-01-29Add missing LICENSE fileJeremy Stanley
2015-01-28Add standard puppet module files and .gitreviewMarton Kiss
2014-11-26Fix the setting of the chain file in drupal vhostClark Boylan
2014-11-25Enable SSL in groups-dev.openstack.orgMarton Kiss
2014-10-29Add groups portal openid urlMarton Kiss
2014-10-28Update drush dsd-tool of groups portalMarton Kiss
2014-10-20Upgrade groups portal instances to use manifest based deploymentMarton Kiss
2014-08-06Groups portal Google Analytics codeMarton Kiss
2014-07-31Silence drupal cron jobJeremy Stanley
2014-06-26Merge "Fix groups-dev portal update sync issue"Jenkins
2014-06-26Fix groups-dev portal update sync issueMarton Kiss
2014-06-26Fix settings.php permission ownershipMarton Kiss
2014-06-11Groups portal infra code refactorMarton Kiss
2014-05-29Fix groups-dev drush dependency problemMarton Kiss
2014-03-23Fix @var deprecation warnings in drupal templatesWilliam Van Hevelingen
2013-09-23Merge "Groups-dev distbuild checked wrong Git repository commit hash"Jenkins