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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-28Add note of support on Python mods for CentOS 7.Bruno Tavares
2015-09-28Use httpd::mod when adding Apache modules.Bruno Tavares
2015-07-29Add Gemfile and puppet 4 checksColleen Murphy
2015-02-05Rename apache2 to httpd globallySpencer Krum
2014-11-20Add rake "lint" target, fix errorsIan Wienand
2012-04-20Changes to match style guide and pass puppet-lint without errorEric Shamow
2012-03-12(#13072) Move mod python and wsgi package names to paramsWilliam Van Hevelingen
2011-12-01(#11070) Add support for Scientific LinuxDavid Alden
2011-07-15Commit apache::mod::python ManifestGary Larizza