BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd severity info to logstash and filter out DEBUG linesJames E. Blair6 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-08-06Add severity info to logstash and filter out DEBUG linesHEADmasterJames E. Blair
2018-07-12Update Gemfile for Zuulv3Colleen Murphy
2017-12-11Fix multiple workers for systemdJens Harbott
2017-12-11Run daemon-reload after installing log processor init scriptDavid Moreau Simard
2017-11-22Collapse logically identical filenames for crm114Clark Boylan
2017-11-18Reduce log worker internal queue sizeClark Boylan
2017-08-18Depend on helper gem for spec_helper_acceptanceColleen Murphy
2017-08-03Only send mqtt events for processed filesClark Boylan
2017-08-03else needs to be else:Clark Boylan
2017-08-03Handle cases without a build_change fieldMatthew Treinish