AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-17Merge "Optionally alias to a favicon.ico file if provided"HEADmasterZuul
2018-07-12Update Gemfile for Zuulv3Colleen Murphy
2017-08-18Depend on helper gem for spec_helper_acceptanceColleen Murphy
2017-06-11Update beaker setup for xenialColleen Murphy
2017-02-28Optionally alias to a favicon.ico file if providedJeremy Stanley
2016-11-20Add a conservative page creation rate limitTom Fifield
2016-11-08Restrict File Uploads, Page Moves to Known UsersTom Fifield
2016-09-10Allow sufficient access to serve image filesJeremy Stanley
2016-09-10Make robots.txt reachableJeremy Stanley
2016-09-10Skip CAPTCHA for autopatrol usersTom Fifield
2016-09-07Support disallowing robotsJeremy Stanley
2016-09-07Conditionally define the default extension sourceJeremy Stanley
2016-08-24Clean up OpenStack references and genericizeJeremy Stanley
2016-08-23Clean up old recaptcha parametersJeremy Stanley
2016-08-23Switch from old recaptcha to recaptcha-nocaptchaJeremy Stanley
2016-08-23Parameterize database connection settingsJeremy Stanley
2016-08-23Update scope.lookupvar() calls to shorter @ lookupJeremy Stanley
2016-08-22Standardize HTTPS and vhost configurationJeremy Stanley
2016-08-20Drop Ubuntu Precise compatibilityJeremy Stanley
2016-08-19Merge "Ensure cache directory is owned by the right user/group"Jenkins
2016-08-19Merge "Also require php5-memcached"Jenkins
2016-08-19Merge "image_scaler: Partially separate packages for Trusty"Jenkins
2016-08-19Merge "Puppetise extension repositories"Jenkins
2016-08-19Merge "Stick to REL1_27 on Trusty, not master"Jenkins
2016-08-19Merge "Also clone the vendor repository for newer MW versions"Jenkins
2016-08-19Merge "Puppetise LocalSettings.php -> ../Settings.php symlink"Jenkins
2016-08-19Merge "Add 'autopatrol' group"Jenkins
2016-08-18Add 'autopatrol' groupTom Fifield
2016-08-10Ensure cache directory is owned by the right user/groupAlex Monk
2016-08-10Also require php5-memcachedAlex Monk
2016-08-10image_scaler: Partially separate packages for TrustyAlex Monk
2016-08-10Puppetise extension repositoriesAlex Monk
2016-08-10Stick to REL1_27 on Trusty, not masterAlex Monk
2016-08-10Also clone the vendor repository for newer MW versionsAlex Monk
2016-08-10Puppetise LocalSettings.php -> ../Settings.php symlinkAlex Monk
2016-08-06apache: Don't just send 403s on Apache 2.4Alex Monk
2016-07-20Disable Uploads to Prevent SpamJP Maxwell
2016-07-19Revert "Prevent new user registrations except by sysops"Jeremy Stanley
2016-07-19Quote strings in Settings.phpJeremy Stanley
2016-07-15Clean up unused questy captcha variableJeremy Stanley
2016-07-15Setup ReCaptcha in Wiki to Prevent SpamJP Maxwell
2016-06-21Use new infra_spec_helper for gem dependenciesSpencer Krum
2016-04-14Pin google-api-client; sanitize GemfileSpencer Krum
2016-03-23Merge "Order of the classes parameters is refactored"Jenkins
2016-03-21Order of the classes parameters is refactoredAndrey Nikitin
2016-03-09Set wgOpenIDUseEmailAsNickname True by defaultPaul Belanger
2016-03-02Add SmiteSpam extensionPaul Belanger
2016-02-29Merge "Disable standard password based auth"Jenkins
2016-02-29Disable PDF uploads by usersPaul Belanger
2016-02-29Disable standard password based authMarton Kiss