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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysUpdated Permissions for deploymentSebastian Marcet
8 daysUpdated deploy functionsSebastian Marcet
2019-01-15Updated script to support PHP7Sebastian Marcet
2018-04-11Updated puppet scripts to use webpackSebastian Marcet
2017-04-10Server params tweakingSebastian Marcet
2017-04-05Fixed typo on PHP iniSebastian Marcet
2017-04-05Apache/PHP configuration tweaksSebastian Marcet
2017-03-10Update functions to force on productionSebastian Marcet
2016-12-01Fix to replicate LV5.x storage folder structureSebastian Marcet
2016-11-23Puppet script upgrade to LV 5.XSebastian Marcet
2016-11-01Updated PHP settings to avoid 503 by timeoutsSebastian Marcet
2016-10-25PHP www pool tunning ( http 503 )Sebastian Marcet
2016-10-23Fix on PHP 503 errorSebastian Marcet
2016-10-20Fix on PHP 503 errorSebastian Marcet
2016-10-17Fix on PHP 503 errorSebastian Marcet
2016-09-28php5-fpm 503 errorsSebastian Marcet
2016-03-30Updated config for PreciseSebastian Marcet
2016-03-30Apache MPM events + php5 fpmSebastian Marcet
2016-03-23Update prefork MPM apache settingsSebastian Marcet
2016-03-21Added DB seeding supportSebastian Marcet
2016-03-17Added mising link to config fileSebastian Marcet
2016-01-23Fix on nodejs default versionSebastian Marcet
2015-12-18Fix on bower test file exist condition:Sebastian Marcet
2015-12-18Sintax error fix on shell scripting functionsSebastian Marcet
2015-11-18Improved Bower supportSebastian Marcet
2015-11-13Added bower supportSebastian Marcet
2015-08-18Updated configuration for OIDCSebastian Marcet
2014-12-19Enable oauth2 in openstackid configurationMarton Kiss
2014-09-30Clean up bashate failuresK Jonathan Harker
2014-03-27Openstackid site-update featureMarton Kiss
2014-03-17Openstackid track site versionMarton Kiss
2014-02-25Openstackid deployment symlink override fixMarton Kiss
2014-02-21Clean up puppet (deploy LAMP / setup app config)smarcet