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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-11Install/upgrade subunit2sql safelyJeremy Stanley
2017-04-04Fix puppet-lint failuresMatthew Treinish
2016-02-12Fix the expiration cron jobMatthew Treinish
2016-01-13Add cron job to run weekly prune the data set of dbMatthew Treinish
2015-11-24Lets time the super long migrations we have to runMatthew Treinish
2015-11-17Stop attempting to run a mysqldump before migrationsMatthew Treinish
2015-10-09Use double quotes for mysql backupMatthew Treinish
2015-03-17Fix db upgrade console redirection to be posix compliantMatthew Treinish
2015-03-16Run subunit2sql migrations in the backgroundMatthew Treinish
2015-03-13Set timeouts for db upgrade operationsMatthew Treinish
2015-03-05Add backup before running db migrationsMatthew Treinish
2014-12-05Switch subunit2sql to use decomposed uriMatthew Treinish
2014-11-18Add refreshonly to 'upgrade_subunit2sql_db'Matthew Treinish
2014-10-29Add subunit2sql server configurationMatthew Treinish