AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-09Use ostestr instead of the custom pretty_tox.shHEADmasterLuigi Toscano
2016-12-28Remove link to modindexAndreas Jaeger
2016-11-08remove or adopt incubated oslo codeDoug Hellmann
2016-10-28Remove incubated uuidutils.Michael Still
2016-10-28Remove o/c/ and o/c/log.pyMichael Still
2016-09-23Update 'usage'Zara
2016-09-12Merge "Make dev the default StoryBoard instance"Jenkins
2016-09-12Merge "Note importance of using https url instead of http"Jenkins
2016-09-06Make dev the default StoryBoard instanceZara
2016-09-06Give user option to bypass verificationZara
2016-09-05Note importance of using https url instead of httpZara
2016-09-05It's 2016Andreas Jaeger
2016-09-05Merge "Add due_dates"Jenkins
2016-09-02Add basic docs for python clientZara
2016-09-01Add due_datesZara
2016-08-10Merge "Add support for private stories"Jenkins
2016-08-10Merge "Add system info"Jenkins
2016-07-27Add system infoZara
2016-07-26Add support for private storiesZara
2016-07-22Remove discover from test-requirementsSwapnil Kulkarni (coolsvap)
2016-07-04Merge "Add boards"Jenkins
2016-06-24Updated Worklist APIBilal Tariq
2016-06-21Add boardsZara
2016-05-16Merge "Get storyboard resources by properties other than ID"Jenkins
2016-04-28Get storyboard resources by properties other than IDZara
2016-04-15Merge "Add repo_url and team_id"Jenkins
2016-04-15Merge "Add worklists"Jenkins
2016-04-15Merge "Update to include links"Jenkins
2016-04-15Merge "Update Timeline"Jenkins
2016-04-15Merge "Add story_type_id to stories"Jenkins
2016-04-08Fix link to docs in READMEElizabeth K. Joseph
2016-03-30Add repo_url and team_idZara
2016-03-30Add worklistsZara
2016-03-30Update TimelineZara
2016-03-30Add story_type_id to storiesZara
2016-03-30Update to include linksZara
2016-03-29Update DocsZara
2015-09-22Merge "Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors"Jenkins
2015-09-21Fix oslo importsAdam Coldrick
2015-09-21Change ignore-errors to ignore_errorsMonty Taylor
2015-03-24Added subscription events controllerAleksey Ripinen
2015-03-02Added milestones controllerAleksey Ripinen
2015-02-28Merge "Added tags controller"Jenkins
2015-02-27Added branches controllerAleksey Ripinen
2015-02-27Added tags controllerAleksey Ripinen
2015-02-26Merge "Added user_tokens controller"Jenkins
2015-02-26Merge "Added timeline controller"Jenkins
2015-02-25Added subscriptions controllerAleksey Ripinen
2015-02-25Added user_tokens controllerAleksey Ripinen
2015-02-25Added timeline controllerAleksey Ripinen