AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-24Merge "add missing lib files for presentation"HEADmasterZuul
2018-02-23Minor cleanup of presentationSean McGinnis
2018-02-23add missing lib files for presentationDoug Hellmann
2018-02-22Merge "Add StoryBoard filter and tag tools"Zuul
2018-02-15draft of presentation for rocky ptgDoug Hellmann
2018-02-15stub in presentation for rocky ptgDoug Hellmann
2018-01-22Add StoryBoard filter and tag toolsBernard Cafarelli
2018-01-16bugs-fixed-since: add argument to list StoryBoard entriesBernard Cafarelli
2017-10-25Add some notes on eol_branch.shIan Wienand
2017-10-19do not fail on inability to find remote urlDoug Hellmann
2017-10-19fix the repo name detection when we don't have an origin setDoug Hellmann
2017-09-28Fix abandoning reviews in eol_branchJoshua Hesketh
2017-09-21Check the gerrit remote is as expected, eol_branchJoshua Hesketh
2017-09-21Set up gerrit remote manually in eol_branch.shJoshua Hesketh
2017-09-20Fix options to allow --warn-exit in eol-branch.shJoshua Hesketh
2017-08-05Check CI environment for project to announceJeremy Stanley
2017-07-25make nicer to use by handDoug Hellmann
2017-07-25handle unicode in release announcement messagesDoug Hellmann
2017-07-18Add feature to exit on warning in eol_branchJoshua Hesketh
2017-07-18Handle unknown projects in eol_branchJoshua Hesketh
2017-07-18Fix a few small things with eol_branchJoshua Hesketh
2017-07-05Merge "Using fixtures instead of deprecated mockpatch module"Jenkins
2017-06-19Merge " be prepared for empty lines in input"Jenkins
2017-06-16README: Rename --no_dry_run to --no-dry-runEmilien Macchi be prepared for empty lines in inputIhar Hrachyshka
2017-06-07Merge "update semver module for python 3.5"Jenkins
2017-06-07Fix for missing OpenSSL headersDavanum Srinivas
2017-06-07update semver module for python 3.5Doug Hellmann
2017-05-16Using fixtures instead of deprecated mockpatch modulerajat29
2017-04-27port release-notes command to python 3Doug Hellmann
2017-04-27make default python for venv python 3Doug Hellmann
2017-04-27remove launchpadlib from requirements listDoug Hellmann
2017-03-15fix mail sendingDoug Hellmann
2017-03-15Merge "Add support for mail servers that require a login"Jenkins
2017-03-14Add --stop option for bugs-fixed-sinceRui Chen
2017-03-08Add support for mail servers that require a loginTony Breeds
2017-03-06Merge "remove latest-deliverable-versions command"Jenkins
2017-03-06Merge "remove"Jenkins
2017-03-06Merge "remove ptl command"Jenkins
2017-03-06Merge "remove branching scripts"Jenkins
2017-03-06Merge "move to releases repo"Jenkins
2017-03-06Merge "remove"Jenkins
2017-03-06Merge "move to releases repo"Jenkins
2017-03-06Merge "move to the releases repo"Jenkins
2017-03-06Merge "move propose-final-releases command to releases repo"Jenkins
2017-03-06Merge "remove list-repos command"Jenkins
2017-03-01update reno formatter invocationDoug Hellmann
2017-02-08remove latest-deliverable-versions commandDoug Hellmann
2017-02-08remove highest_semver.pyDoug Hellmann
2017-02-08remove ptl commandDoug Hellmann