AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-31Identify with SASLHEADmasterJeremy Stanley
2018-02-19Bump python-twitter to 3.4Mohammed Naser
2018-01-25Merge "Thanks & Success bot provide confirmation site url"Zuul
2018-01-04Thanks & Success bot provide confirmation site urlMike Perez
2017-12-12Fix continuation character under Python 2Thierry Carrez
2017-09-18Let the python-twitter library handle message splittingMonty Taylor
2017-08-01Implement #thanks command in statusbotMike Perez
2016-09-20Make example config file consistentAndreas Jaeger
2016-09-20Fix twitter supportAndreas Jaeger
2016-09-09Merge "Explicitly handle ImportError for pid_file_module"Jenkins
2016-09-09Merge "Explicitly catch Exception"Jenkins
2016-05-27Update requirementsPaul Belanger
2016-01-04Post message to twitter on 'ok' statusJoshua Hesketh
2015-12-30Add twitter support to statusbotMonty Taylor
2015-12-30Update to pbr-based buildMonty Taylor
2015-12-29Use everywhereAndreas Jaeger
2015-10-12Explicitly catch ExceptionDolph Mathews
2015-10-12Explicitly handle ImportError for pid_file_moduleDolph Mathews
2015-09-08Implement #success command in statusbotThierry Carrez
2015-09-08Add abstractions to make room for #successThierry Carrez
2014-04-25Send broadcast messages with notice commandJames E. Blair
2014-04-15Sleep longerJames E. Blair
2014-03-12Sleep 1 secondJames E. Blair
2014-03-10Support SSLJames E. Blair
2014-03-07Handle lots of channels betterJames E. Blair
2014-03-07Sleep when joining channelsJames E. Blair
2014-03-06Don't crash on invalid UTF8James E. Blair
2013-12-11Set world-readable permissions on alert fileJames E. Blair
2013-12-11Add missing import directivesJames E. Blair
2013-12-06Add an alert file publisherJames E. Blair
2013-10-22Ignore all .egg files or directories.Anita Kuno
2013-03-29Fix imports/dependencies.James E. Blair
2013-03-28Initial commit.James E. Blair
2013-03-28Added .gitreviewOpenstack Project Creator