path: root/zuul.d
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
35 hoursRead featureset variable as string valueHEADmasterRafael Folco
38 hoursMerge "remove node def for scen008 queens"Zuul
45 hoursremove node def for scen008 queensWes Hayutin
3 daysReparent 7-3 node jobs for zuul-v3Ronelle Landy
3 daysAdd toci_jobtype as individual variablesQuique Llorente
7 daysMerge "Reparent standalone jobs and use new nodeset"Zuul
7 daysMerge "Move scenario009 to the check queue"Zuul
8 daysReparent standalone jobs and use new nodesetRafael Folco
8 daysReparent scenario007 and 008 to tripleo-ci-baseRonelle Landy
8 daysMove scenario009 to the check queueFlavio Percoco
9 daysMerge "Enable queens with scenario008"Zuul
9 daysEnable queens with scenario008Tim Rozet
9 daysRevert "Make tripleo-ci-centos-7-undercloud-oooq non-voting"Emilien Macchi
13 daysMigrating 2-nodes jobs to the new base configurationGabriele Cerami
2018-06-29Migrate undercloud jobs to the new base configurationsGabriele Cerami
2018-06-28Add new abstract base job and nodeset to zuul configurationGabriele Cerami
2018-06-20Make tripleo-ci-centos-7-undercloud-oooq non-votingEmilien Macchi
2018-06-16Add tripleo-ci-centos-7-standalone to tripleo-multinode-container-fullEmilien Macchi
2018-06-14Merge "undercloud-upgrade job is stable, move to vote"Zuul
2018-06-12undercloud-upgrade job is stable, move to voteWes Hayutin
2018-06-12remove the pike->queens upgrade jobWes Hayutin
2018-06-12Merge "tqe is running tripleo-multinode-container-full, not minimal"Zuul
2018-06-12Merge "Introduce tripleo-ci-centos-7-standalone non-voting job"Zuul
2018-06-11Introduce tripleo-ci-centos-7-standalone non-voting jobEmilien Macchi
2018-06-11Merge "Run fs037 on queens"Zuul
2018-06-11tqe is running tripleo-multinode-container-full, not minimalWes Hayutin
2018-06-06Run fs037 on queensEnrique Llorente
2018-06-06Move scenario000-multinode-oooq-container-upgrades to checkRafael Folco
2018-06-05Merge "Add scenario008 job to include containers"Zuul
2018-06-04Add scenario008 job to include containersTim Rozet
2018-06-01Remove voting:false for cont/us upgradesEmilien Macchi
2018-05-29Add gating of containerized undercloud upgradeEnrique Llorente
2018-05-28Merge "Add keystone only upgrade jobs"Zuul
2018-05-24Don't run undercloud-upgrades on ocataSagi Shnaidman
2018-05-23Add keystone only upgrade jobsEnrique Llorente
2018-05-22Add multinode jobs for various branches in CISagi Shnaidman
2018-05-18Add linter jobs for releases file scriptRonelle Landy
2018-05-18Add releases script pytest tests to tox.iniRonelle Landy
2018-05-16Merge "add tripleo update job as voting"Zuul
2018-05-09Add scenario011-multinode-container experimental jobDerek Higgins
2018-05-07add tripleo update job as votingWes Hayutin
2018-05-04zuul.d: add comments to describe zuul files layoutEmilien Macchi
2018-05-04(cleanup) move scenario000 tp zuul.d/multinode-jobs.yamlEmilien Macchi
2018-05-04Remove doc from jobs base.yamlEmilien Macchi
2018-05-04Update the tripleo-ci doc, point to latest docWes Hayutin
2018-05-02Introduce tripleo-ci-centos-7-containerized-undercloud-upgradesEmilien Macchi
2018-05-01Merge "Revert "Revert "Temporarly mark 3node job as non-voting"""Zuul
2018-04-30Revert "Revert "Temporarly mark 3node job as non-voting""Alex Schultz
2018-04-24Revert "Disable voting on tripleo-ci-centos-7-scenario000-multinode-oooq-cont...mathieu bultel
2018-04-23Disable voting on tripleo-ci-centos-7-scenario000-multinode-oooq-container-up...Emilien Macchi