AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-11-12Add documentation about masterHEADmasterPaul Belanger
2013-10-31Merge pull request #4 from hashar/zuul-1.3.0Paul Belanger
2013-10-31Zuul 1.3.0Antoine Musso
2013-05-16Merge pull request #3 from hashar/minor-tweaksPaul Belanger
2013-05-16minor additionsAntoine Musso
2013-05-15Rename upstream patchPaul Belanger
2013-05-15Minor updates to debian/controlPaul Belanger
2013-05-14Fix some copyright issue plus actually install /etc/zuulPaul Belanger
2013-05-14Incorporate feedback from hasharPaul Belanger
2013-03-27Initial update for 1.2.0Paul Belanger
2012-10-29Add postinst script for permissions and add config filesPaul Belanger
2012-10-13Add copyright information and jenkins min versionPaul Belanger
2012-10-13First round of fixes found during testingPaul Belanger
2012-10-13Also install documentationPaul Belanger
2012-10-13Also build some documentationPaul Belanger
2012-10-13Delete unused filesPaul Belanger
2012-10-13Remove [DEFAULT] section from git-buildpackage settingsPaul Belanger
2012-10-13Add dirs filePaul Belanger
2012-10-13Add init.d script from upstreamPaul Belanger
2012-10-13Initial commitPaul Belanger