BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature/zuulv3Merge "Debug job selection" into feature/zuulv3Zuul87 min.
masterRevert "Use new infra pipelines"Paul Belanger2 months
2.6.0commit b0482a6ab3...James E. Blair2 months
2.5.2commit 9ada50e87a...Paul Belanger8 months
2.5.1commit 2e077db0b8...James E. Blair14 months
2.5.0commit 84c4f94000...James E. Blair16 months
2.1.0commit 7fca9c1cc6...James E. Blair3 years
2.0.0commit 46b91e522b...James E. Blair4 years
1.3.0commit d6d2a64c9e...James E. Blair4 years
1.2.0commit 26b1fb81bd...James E. Blair5 years
1.1.0commit ad61501575...James E. Blair5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-10-10Revert "Use new infra pipelines"HEADmasterPaul Belanger
2017-10-03Use new infra pipelinesAndreas Jaeger
2017-09-27Merge "Case sensitive label matching"2.6.0Zuul
2017-09-19Merge "Status: Don't toggle panel when clicking patch link"Zuul
2017-09-19Status: Don't toggle panel when clicking patch linkTimo Tijhof
2017-09-19Status: Remove use of deprecated jQuery jqXHR `complete` methodTimo Tijhof
2017-09-19Add strip_branch_ref compat optionJames E. Blair
2017-09-15Case sensitive label matchingTobias Henkel
2017-08-23Add .zuul.yamlJames E. Blair
2017-07-27Merge "Fix passing labels to Gerrit when they are not defined in All-Projects"Jenkins