BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge "Cache github PR shas"Zuul4 days
3.5.0commit 9e679eaded...James E. Blair4 weeks
3.4.0commit 2fd688352f...James E. Blair5 weeks
3.3.1commit 2728e5d4ad...James E. Blair3 months
3.3.0commit d4a142b97b...James E. Blair4 months
3.2.0commit 22ad98af4a...James E. Blair7 months
3.1.0commit 057d664ecc...James E. Blair8 months
3.0.3commit 1e3e5d33fb...James E. Blair9 months
3.0.2commit 623533ab85...James E. Blair10 months
3.0.1commit 11a80ccebd...James E. Blair10 months
3.0.0commit 8f77b30923...James E. Blair11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysMerge "Cache github PR shas"HEADmasterZuul
4 daysCache github PR shasJames E. Blair
4 daysMerge "Mark as unsafe commit message at inventory"Zuul
5 daysMark as unsafe commit message at inventoryQuique Llorente
5 daysweb: remove build and job_name filter from the buildset routeTristan Cacqueray
6 daysImprove event logging in githubconnectionJames E. Blair
6 daysMerge "Update SQLAlchemy url in docs"Zuul
6 daysMerge "web: add /{tenant}/buildsets route"Zuul
6 daysMerge "Add a note about sqlalchemy metadata"Zuul
7 daysAdd a note about sqlalchemy metadataJames E. Blair