AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysZero sizes qoutas caused incorrect size matchingHEADmasterAdrian Turjak
10 daysMerge "Users can only edit users with full permission"Zuul
10 daysMerge "Selectively disable token caching"Zuul
10 daysUsers can only edit users with full permissionAmelia Cordwell
10 daysSelectively disable token cachingAmelia Cordwell
10 daysLink to tasks panel in notificationsAdrian Turjak
10 daysChange assert(Not)Equals to assert(Not)Equalguanzuoyu
11 daysMerge "rename identity cache for consistency"Zuul
12 daysfix cover report tox jobAdrian Turjak
12 daysrename identity cache for consistencyAdrian Turjak
2017-11-04Add link to Read the Docs for project docAdrian Turjak
2017-11-04Documentation and Api ReferenceAmelia Cordwell
2017-10-30Update IdentityManger and FakeManagerAdrian Turjak
2017-10-30fix zuul cover issuesAdrian Turjak
2017-10-03Make reset password emails case insensitiveAdrian Turjak
2017-09-15Add Version EndpointsAmelia Cordwell
2017-09-15be able to disable a given API versionAdrian Turjak
2017-09-14Moving clients to common moduleAmelia Cordwell
2017-09-14Merge "Added UpdateProjectQuota"Jenkins
2017-09-13Remove link to modindexlioplhp
2017-09-13Added UpdateProjectQuotaAmelia Cordwell
2017-09-01Additional Tests for Notification, Token and Email0.3.0stable/pikeAmelia Cordwell
2017-09-01Merge "Reapprove now clears old tokens"Jenkins
2017-08-15Merge "Task Type in Token response"Jenkins
2017-08-14Merge "Notifications in now set error correctly"Jenkins
2017-07-27Notifications in now set error correctlyAmelia Cordwell
2017-07-12Reapprove now clears old tokensAmelia Cordwell
2017-07-11Replace six.iteritems() with .items()ritesh.arya
2017-06-29Quota setting shouldn't have to be requiredadrian-turjak
2017-06-27Task Type in Token responseAmelia Cordwell
2017-06-22Remove RT Notification codeAmelia Cordwell
2017-06-21Update test files for openstack-infraadrian-turjak
2017-06-16Check action validity on submit before returningAmelia Cordwell
2017-06-16Additional tests for project actionsAmelia Cordwell
2017-06-16Fix and tests for modify_dict_settingsAmelia Cordwell
2017-06-15Python3 CompatibilityAmelia Cordwell
2017-05-31Added basepython to coverage testsAmelia Cordwell
2017-05-31Add note to devstack guide about USERNAME_IS_EMAILadrian-turjak
2017-05-31Updating keystone url to be correct for master devstackadrian-turjak
2017-05-30Fix keystone v2 command in devstack guideadrian-turjak
2017-05-29Add note about public networks to devstack guideadrian-turjak
2017-05-29Adding support for code coverage reposting in tests.adrian-turjak
2017-05-29Updating the docs to match current stateadrian-turjak
2017-05-25Slightly saner default duplicate policiesadrian-turjak
2017-05-24Update templates for token reissue caseadrian-turjak
2017-05-24Fix issue with network creation and reapprovaladrian-turjak
2017-05-23Fix bug with signups and disabled usersadrian-turjak
2017-05-23Fixing some minor email templating issuesadrian-turjak
2017-05-23Removing AddDefaultUsersToProjectAction from default confadrian-turjak