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2017-02-21Improved readmeHEADmasterDoug Chivers
2017-02-20Merge "Adding bootstrap to docker container"Jenkins
2017-02-20Adding bootstrap to docker containerRobert Clark
2017-02-20Corrected readmeDoug Chivers
2017-02-20Merge "Remove link to modindex"Jenkins
2017-02-20Merge "Anchor can now be installed and invoked as simply "anchor""Jenkins
2017-02-20Merge "Enable DeprecationWarning in test environments"Jenkins
2017-02-20Merge "Remove references to Python 3.4"Jenkins
2017-02-20Merge "Typo fix: emited => emitted"Jenkins
2017-02-20Merge "Updated from global requirements"Jenkins
2017-02-17command of "tox -e docs" failedxhzhf
2017-02-11Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2017-02-07Typo fix: emited => emittedAnh Tran
2017-02-07Enable DeprecationWarning in test environmentsavnish
2017-02-02Remove link to modindexavnish
2017-01-09Remove references to Python 3.4Eric Brown
2017-01-05Merge "Fix typo in fixups.rst"Jenkins
2016-12-21Merge "Anchor is source-only, so build common py2/py3 wheel"Jenkins
2016-12-21Merge "Fix test coverage on x509/certificate"Jenkins
2016-12-07Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2016-12-01Merge "Make Anchor compatible with ldap3>=2.0.7"Jenkins
2016-11-03Make Anchor compatible with ldap3>=2.0.7Stanisław Pitucha
2016-09-29Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2016-09-12Remove discover from test-requirementsEric Brown
2016-09-12Merge "Allow custom domain labels"Jenkins
2016-09-09Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2016-09-09Merge "Ignore bootstrap files"Jenkins
2016-09-08Anchor can now be installed and invoked as simply "anchor"Tim Kelsey
2016-09-07Merge "Add __ne__ built-in function"Jenkins
2016-09-06Merge "Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv"Jenkins
2016-09-05Add __ne__ built-in functiongecong1973
2016-08-25Remove white space between print and ()gecong1973
2016-08-18Fix syntax of a link in the README fileChristian Berendt
2016-08-04Fix typo in the certificate_ops filezhangyanxian
2016-08-04Fixes jenkins failing on coverage report generationRahul
2016-07-22Fix some spelling mistakeszhangyanxian
2016-07-15Merge "Add bandit to pep8 venv"Jenkins
2016-07-09Add Python 3.5 classifier and venvEric Brown
2016-06-27Fix typo in fixups.rstJinay Vora
2016-06-27Merge "Fixed spelling error in"Jenkins
2016-06-16Allow custom domain labelsStanisław Pitucha
2016-06-16Ignore bootstrap filesStanisław Pitucha
2016-05-06Force a recent hash in examplesStanisław Pitucha
2016-05-06Better messages for deprecated algosStanisław Pitucha
2016-05-06Revert "Modified config to bypass standards validation"Stanisław Pitucha
2016-05-05Modified config to bypass standards validationDoug Chivers
2016-04-28Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2016-03-14Merge "Fix typo in"0.4.0Jenkins
2016-03-09Add bandit to pep8 venvEric Brown
2016-02-29Fixed spelling error in“Matthew