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masterMerge "Add region to task output"Zuul3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-11-07Merge "Add region to task output"HEADmasterZuul
2018-11-07Add region to task outputIan Wienand
2018-11-06Merge "Add the cloud name to more task details"Zuul
2018-11-07Add the cloud name to more task detailsIan Wienand
2018-09-06Don't use deprecated when jinja2 syntaxClark Boylan
2016-10-14Add quotas support for the cloud launcherRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-09-30Merge "Add user roles support for cloud launcher"Jenkins
2016-09-29Add user roles support for cloud launcherRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-09-29Merge "Add support for keystone roles"Jenkins
2016-09-29Pin Ansible version to Carrillo Cruz