AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-06Stop testing on ubuntu-xenialHEADmasterPaul Belanger
2018-12-03Change openstack-dev to openstack-discussLeopardMa
2018-07-31Switch to fedora-latest nodesetPaul Belanger
2018-05-16install default logging configArtem Goncharov
2018-04-27Merge "Start gating on ubuntu-bionic"Zuul
2018-04-26Limit linters to current working directoryPaul Belanger
2018-04-26Start gating on ubuntu-bionicPaul Belanger
2018-04-19Bump minimal version of ansible to 2.4.0Paul Belanger
2018-04-19Remove tox functionalPaul Belanger
2018-04-14Pass list of packages directly to package taskPaul Belanger
2018-04-13Default gear_pip_executable to pip3Paul Belanger
2018-04-13Default install method to pipPaul Belanger
2018-04-13Don't install gear_build_depends for pipPaul Belanger
2018-04-13Refactor jobs to support pip / git installation testingPaul Belanger
2018-04-13Add windmill-jobs for bionicPaul Belanger
2018-04-13Remove centos-7 testingPaul Belanger
2018-03-29Add support to manage SSL certPaul Belanger
2018-03-14Update gear_git_dest locationPaul Belanger
2018-03-06Add testing for ubuntu-bionicPaul Belanger
2018-03-06Merge OS-specific variables for ubuntuPaul Belanger
2018-02-22Add systemd support for geardPaul Belanger
2018-02-22Fix typo with gear_git_versionPaul Belanger
2018-02-18Initial commitPaul Belanger
2017-11-16Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator