BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterZuul: add file extension to playbook pathJames E. Blair7 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-10-29Zuul: add file extension to playbook pathHEADmasterJames E. Blair
2017-10-21Initial commit for zuulv3 supportPaul Belanger
2017-10-21Create shade_git_updatePaul Belanger
2017-05-30Create shade_pip_virtualenv_pythonPaul Belanger
2016-12-30Add gcc as a build dependencyPaul Belanger
2016-12-27Move ansible dependencies into bindep.txtPaul Belanger
2016-12-26Add python development headers as build dependencyPaul Belanger
2016-12-26Add support for fedoraPaul Belanger
2016-11-09Fix deprecated becomes logicPaul Belanger
2016-09-29Add openssl development headers for shadePaul Belanger