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masterAdd .gitreview fileSteve Baker4 weeks
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2018-05-25Add .gitreview fileHEADmasterSteve Baker
2018-05-23Use relative paths for data_filesSteve Baker
2018-05-23Add tox checks, pbr packagingSteve Baker
2018-05-14Fix doc newlineSteve Baker
2018-05-14update_repo to limit to packages in repoSteve Baker
2018-05-11Detect local file repos and copy them into the imageSteve Baker
2018-05-11Use command instead of docker_image for docker buildSteve Baker
2018-05-10use set_fact for modify_dir_path. Use include_tasksSteve Baker
2018-05-10Don't yum clean allSteve Baker
2018-05-10quote USER just in case it is emptySteve Baker