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2018-11-05Add dev mode install playbook for source installsDan Prince
2018-09-17Remove compare_host_packages strategySteve Baker
2018-08-03Add Buildah supportEmilien Macchi
2018-07-17Add rpm_install tasksDan Prince
2018-05-14Fix doc newlineSteve Baker
2018-05-14update_repo to limit to packages in repoSteve Baker
2018-05-03rename modified_image_prefix to target_image, use set_fact for timestampSteve Baker
2018-05-02Streamline roleSam Doran
2018-05-03Allow tasks_from to be set as a variableSteve Baker
2018-05-02task to yum update in the imageSteve Baker
2018-05-02Rename the main task to modify_image.yamlSteve Baker
2018-05-02... it does notSteve Baker
2018-05-02See if the markdown renderer handles word-wrapped table contentSteve Baker
2018-05-02Populate the README.mdSteve Baker
2018-05-01Stub for the README.mdSteve Baker
2018-04-29Initial importSteve Baker