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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysMerge "Cleanup modify directory"HEADmasterZuul
3 daysMerge "Don't use copy module for /etc/yum.repos.d"Zuul
8 daysCleanup modify directorySteve Baker
8 daysDon't use copy module for /etc/yum.repos.dSteve Baker
12 daysFix local (non-root) docker build supportDan Prince
2018-08-03Add Buildah supportEmilien Macchi
2018-07-17Add rpm_install tasksDan Prince
2018-05-11Detect local file repos and copy them into the imageSteve Baker
2018-05-11Use command instead of docker_image for docker buildSteve Baker
2018-05-10use set_fact for modify_dir_path. Use include_tasksSteve Baker
2018-05-04Move modify_dir_path out of precheck.yamlSteve Baker
2018-05-03rename modified_image_prefix to target_image, use set_fact for timestampSteve Baker
2018-05-02Streamline roleSam Doran
2018-05-03Allow tasks_from to be set as a variableSteve Baker
2018-05-02task to yum update in the imageSteve Baker
2018-05-02Rename the main task to modify_image.yamlSteve Baker
2018-05-01Make a copy of Dockerfile and modify FROMSteve Baker
2018-04-30Basic template based Dockerfile approachSteve Baker
2018-04-29Initial importSteve Baker