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Adds a DB layer, use it for debug modes7.0.0b2
In preparation for scale out RUG, this adds a database layer (built on oslo.db) that will be used for managing debug modes. Instead of tracking debug'd/ignored routers and tenants in-memory or on disk as files, this uses a database. This means that putting things into debug mode via rug-ctl are now persistent, and the file-based approach is no longer available. A sqlite database (the default) can be used for single node installs, or the RUG can be pointed at mysql/pg to handle this in larger environments. This also adds a global debug mode that can be used to ignore all events during maintanence periods. A new optional 'reason' argument has been added to the debug modes, allowing operators to add a note when entering a tenant/router/cluster into debug mode. Change-Id: I3f5129e11b11cf5aaed8889da3b204104e5ad203 Closes-bug: #1470619 Partially implements: blueprint rug-scaling
Notes (review): Verified+2: Jenkins Code-Review+2: mark mcclain <> Code-Review+2: Sean Roberts <> Workflow+1: Sean Roberts <> Submitted-by: Jenkins Submitted-at: Sat, 22 Aug 2015 01:38:22 +0000 Reviewed-on: Project: stackforge/akanda-rug Branch: refs/heads/master
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