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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-04Always enable devstack serviceAndreas Jaeger
2016-10-04Make Astara Newton compatibleMark McClain
2016-05-23vagrant: Add a Vagrant setup for AstaraKyle Mestery
2016-04-05enable VPN support when neutron-vpnaas in devstackMark McClain
2016-03-29devstack: Bump alive_timeoutAdam Gandelman
2016-03-28Fix bugs in functional testsAdam Gandelman
2016-03-17Merge "Set Horizon customization_module"Jenkins
2016-03-15Set Horizon customization_modulexiayu
2016-03-09Merge "devstack: Move start_astara to after start_astara_hozizon"Jenkins
2016-03-08Merge "Remove external network hooks and auto-added resources"Jenkins
2016-03-07devstack: Move start_astara to after start_astara_hozizonAdam Gandelman
2016-03-07Remove external network hooks and auto-added resourcesMark McClain
2016-02-25Merge "do not set floating ip"Jenkins
2016-02-25Merge "Revert "Temporarily set astara_boot_command in config""Jenkins
2016-02-10do not set floating ipMark McClain
2016-02-06Revert "Temporarily set astara_boot_command in config"Yang Hongyang
2016-02-06trivial: enable plugin astara instead of astara-rugYang Hongyang
2016-02-03clean up Nova policy changesMark McClain
2016-01-25make the enabled_drivers configurable in devstackMark McClain
2016-01-25Move settings from to the settings fileMark McClain
2016-01-21Enrich functional test suiteAdam Gandelman
2016-01-19Drop orchestrator.ini.sample from gitAdam Gandelman
2016-01-18Automatically generate etc/orchestrator.ini filexiayu
2016-01-15Merge "Allow API listening address to be specified in config"Jenkins
2016-01-15Merge "devstack doesn't check ASTARA_APPLIANCE_SSH_PUBLIC_KEY existence"Jenkins
2016-01-14Allow API listening address to be specified in configAdam Gandelman
2016-01-14Merge "Astara oslo.rootwrap"Jenkins
2016-01-14Merge "devstack: Use trueorfalse function"Jenkins
2016-01-14Merge "gate fixer: Fix devstack auth issue and new PEP8 violation"Jenkins
2016-01-13gate fixer: Fix devstack auth issue and new PEP8 violationAdam Gandelman
2016-01-13Astara oslo.rootwrapxiayu
2016-01-10devstack: Use trueorfalse functionshengzhang
2016-01-08devstack doesn't check ASTARA_APPLIANCE_SSH_PUBLIC_KEY existencezhang sheng
2016-01-07Fix devstack hardcode location of astara appliance public keyzhang sheng
2016-01-05Merge "devstack: Unpin DIB"Jenkins
2015-12-23devstack: Set correct nova metadata proxy flagAdam Gandelman
2015-12-21devstack: Unpin DIBAdam Gandelman
2015-12-17Merge "Deprecate usage of amqp_url in favor of oslo.messaging backend config"Jenkins
2015-12-11Deprecate usage of amqp_url in favor of oslo.messaging backend configAdam Gandelman
2015-12-11fix ASTARA_MANAGEMENT_PREFIX and make subnet create dynamicMark McClain
2015-12-08Merge "Update sample config rug.ini->orchestrator.ini"
2015-12-08Merge "Temporarily set astara_boot_command in config"Jenkins
2015-12-08Temporarily set astara_boot_command in configAdam Gandelman
2015-12-08Update sample config rug.ini->orchestrator.iniAdam Gandelman
2015-12-07devstack: Update published qcow2 URL akanda->astara.Adam Gandelman
2015-12-04Step 3 of module renameMark McClain
2015-12-02devstack: Fix dib image locationAdam Gandelman
2015-12-02devstack: Build image using new element nameAdam Gandelman
2015-11-18Change devstack git clone to use httpsAndrew McCallum
2015-11-10Update devstack plugin + .gitreview for project renameAdam Gandelman